Highlights American Summit

Highlights from the American Physiology Summit


TGS Dean and Biomedical Graduate Trainees Brought Home Major Awards at National Conference.

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Solving Big Mysteries

Solving Big Mysteries with Tiny Worms


Dr. Danielle Mor and Graduate Students, Julie Vincent & Nicole Johnson, use C. elegans to better understand Aging, Neurodegenerative Diseases, & the Microbiome.

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Recent Fellowships and Publications

  • WanMo Ahn, Mechanisms of foamy monocyte formation in atherosclerosis - National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute/ NIH/ DHHS
  • Candee Barris, Role of Chromosome Complement in the Mechanisms of Obesity-associated Hypertension- American Heart Association Predoctoral Research Fellowship
  • Vadym Buncha, The role of ESAM in pulmonary microvascular dysfunction in HFpEF - American Heart Association Predoctoral Research Fellowship
  • Emily Burns, The Contribution of Toll-like Receptor 4 Signaling to the Development of Salt-Sensitive Hypertension - American Heart Association Predoctoral Research Fellowship
  • Jaser Doja, Elucidating the Transcriptional Regulation of Myocardin in vivo - American Heart Association Predoctoral Research Fellowship
  • Brandee Goo, Role of Histone Deacetylase 9 (HDAC9) in adipose tissue aging: mitochondrial function, oxidative stress and senescence - National Institute on Aging/ NIH/ DHHS
  • David Kim, Identification of human-specific novel long non-coding RNA in neointima formation - American Heart Association Predoctoral Research Fellowship
  • Taylor Kress, Effects of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) on cardiovascular and metabolic dysfunction - American Heart Association Predoctoral Research Fellowship
  • Desmond Moronge, Mechanisms of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in a Model of Pregnancy Following Acute Kidney Injury- American Heart Association Predoctoral Research Fellowship
  • Hunter Sellers, Molecular Origins of Phenotypic Changes in the Obese Microvascular Endothelium - National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute/ NIH/ DHHS
  • Josue Zambrano-Carrasco, An indispensable role of RBX1 in cardiac development - American Heart Association Predoctoral Research Fellowship




Our biomedical science students are actively publishing and contributing to their fields. Below is a sampling of recent graduate student publications. The names of graduate students are in bold.

Buncha, V., Cherezova, A., Alexander, S., Baranovskaya, I., Coleman, K.A., Cherian-Shaw, M., Brands, M.W., Sullivan, J.C., O'Connor, P.M., Mamenko, M. 1 (2023).  Aldosterone Antagonism Is More Effective at Reducing Blood Pressure and Excessive Renal ENaC Activity in AngII-Infused Female Rats Than in Males. Hypertension, Oct;80(10):2196-2208. 

Daddacha W., Monroe D., Carver K, Usoro E.R., Alptekin A., Xu H, Osuka S, Arbab AS, Sakamuro D. (2022). Viral Particle-Mediated SAMHD1 Depletion Sensitizes Refractory Glioblastoma to DNA-Damaging Therapeutics by Impairing Homologous Recombination. Cancers, 14(18):4490.

Fang, X., Chen, Y., Wang, J., Zhang, Z., Bai, Y., Denney, K., Gan, L., Guo, M., Weintraub, N.L., Lei, Y., & Lu, X-Y. (2023). Increased intrinsic and synaptic excitability of hypothalamic POMC neurons underlies chronic stress-induced behavioral deficits. Molecular Psychiatry, 28, 1365–1382.

Hadvina, R., Lotfy Khaled, M., Akoto, T., Zhi, W., Karamichos, D., and Y. Liu, Y. (2023). Exosomes and their miRNA/protein profile in keratoconus-derived corneal stromal cells. Experimental Eye Research, 236: 109642.

Mellott, E., and Jessica L Faulkner, J.L. (2023). Mechanisms of leptin-induced endothelial dysfunction. Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension, 32(2):118-123.

Poschel D.B., Kehinde-Ige M., Klement J.D.,Yang D, Merting AD, Savage NM, Shi H, Liu K. (2023). IRF8 Regulates Intrinsic Ferroptosis through Repressing p53 Expression to Maintain Tumor Cell Sensitivity to Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes. Cells, 13;12(2):310.

Sloan D.C., Cryan C.E., Muntean BS. (2023). Multiple potassium channel tetramerization domain (KCTD) family members interact with Gβγ, with effects on cAMP signaling.  J Biol Chem. 299(3):102924.

Sreekumar, S. and Saini, S. (2022). Role of MicroRNAs in Neuroendocrine Prostate Cancer. Non-Coding RNA, 8(2), 25.

Brann Scholarship Award in Neuroscience

The Darrell W. Brann Scholarship in Neuroscience is a $1,000 scholarship award presented yearly to a Biomedical PhD graduate student in the Neuroscience Program for outstanding academic performance, excellence in neuroscience research, and for service to the institution and local community.


  • Wonjo Jang 
  • Luodan Yang 
  • Yujiao Lu 
  • Molly Braun 
  • Merry Ma 
  • Roshni Thakkar 
  • Amanda Crider 
  • Jonathan Bean 
  • Bhavana Desai 
  • Erin Scott 
Wonjo Jang being presented award by Darrell Brann

Brann Alumni Award

The Brann Alumni Award is a $250 scholarships presented annually to Biomedical PhD graduate student(s) who have shown outstanding academic performance.

Congratulations Recent Recipients: Yonghong Luo (Physiology) and Lindsey Ramirez (Physiology) 

Previous Award Recipients

Reem Atawia

Reem Atawia

Sai Karthik Kodeboyina

Sai Karthik Kodeboyina
Genomic Medicine

Molly Braun

Molly Braun

The Graduate School

The Graduate School at Augusta University facilitates ground-breaking research and ensures outstanding education. We create an environment that embraces and empowers the next generation of scholars and investigators, supports faculty and staff, and fosters meaningful relationships and collaborations among students across our programs and colleges.

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