Georgia Bio's mission is to advance the growth of Georgia’s life sciences industry and foster strategic partnerships that can create a healthier world. 

Augusta University is a university member of GaBio. Joining GaBio as a student is free. 
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As a member you will have an opportunity to meet peers who will become colleagues and friends, networking with established leaders of Georgia’s life science industry or listening to subject matter experts.

Our Augusta University Chapter hosts events & opportunities such as: 

  • Small Group Dinner Series with Industry Professionals and AU Alumni
  • Industry Tours (Pharmaceutical and Biomanufacturing Companies) 
  • Professional Development Opportunities (resume writing techniques, mock interviews, panel discussions, workshops, etc.) 
  • Career Fairs (With opportunities in Health IT, Management, Business, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Technology) 
  • Bench to Business Commercialization Series (GaBio Bash) 
  • Volunteer Opportunities (GaBio related events)  

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photo of Katie Anne Fopiano

Katie Anne Fopiano

  • Augusta University
  • Georgia Bio Chapter Liaison

Previous GA Bio Liaisons

  • Kasey Belanger-Mayer (2021-2022)
  • Sai Karthik Kodeboyina (2020-2021)
  • Candace Poole (2018 -2019)
  • Sarah Sharman (2017-2018) 

Events & Announcements

GaBio Career Development Symposium for those considering a career in industry and biotech

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November 30, 2022 - 2 pm to 4 pm
CA 2109 (Registration Required)

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Center for Global Health Innovation 2022 Summit (GaBio Innovation Summit 2022)

Staff and students both attended the summit on October 11 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA, where over 500 CEOs, executives, scientists, and public policy officials from across the nation convened to discuss research and issues across multiple different bioscience fields. In total, nine people from Augusta University attended the summit and presented their research as well as made meaningful connections with professionals in industry, academia, and government.

Maria Blahove Maria Blahove

Graduate student Maria Blahove (VBC) won the Anthony Shuker Scientific Poster Award for an outstanding poster presentation titled, "Is Fluid-phase Endocytosis a Therapeutic Target for Aneurysms." 

Additional Augusta University presentations (left to right):

  • Wei Zhang (VBC), "Novel Long Non-coding RNA INKILN Exacerbates Vascular Disease by Promoting Inflammation"; 
  • Juliette Seremak (Biochemistry and Cancer Biology), "Overcoming treatment resistance in metastatic bladder cancer with a novel combination of autophagy inducers and antiproliferative drugs";
  • Emily Burns (Physiology), "Novel Anti-Hypertensive and Renoprotective Role of CD14 in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension";
  • Samuel Walton (Physiology), "Functional NOX2 in T Cells Amplifies Salt-Sensitive Hypertension and Associated Renal Damage".
Wei Zhang Juliette Seremak Emily Burns Samuel Walton

A Message from our Chapter Liaison

I am honored to serve as the Georgia Bio (GaBio) academic liaison for Augusta University and an active member of The Emerging Leaders Network (ELN). The mission of both GaBio and the ELN is to promote networking between emerging and established professionals within the Georgia Life Sciences Community. GaBio and ELN provide opportunities to develop contacts within the life science fields with members in industry, medtech, academia, policy, public health, and more. GaBio is an established organization that fosters mentoring and promotes career enhancement, especially for students. Its mission is to serve all life science professionals – current and future – who seek to develop professional networks and contacts here in Georgia as well as on a national level. 

Here at Augusta University, GaBio and the ELN have a dedicated and committed team that strives to help young professionals to have ample opportunities for growth within the life sciences community and to make meaningful connections. We have continuously advocated through life science days at the capitol and patient advocacy summits. As well as being a part of board council gatherings, innovation summits, and the annual golden helix awards. Lastly, we continue to inspire through various opportunities such as scientific poster sessions open to young professionals and an amazing ELN mentorship program. The number of opportunities and resources offered through both GaBio and ELN go above and beyond with helping young professionals on the Augusta University campus and around Georgia.   

I strongly encourage any student to take advantage of every opportunity offered through both GaBio and ELN. Connect, advocate, inspire, and emerge into the leaders of the future through GaBio and ELN.

- Katie Anne Fopiano