The Biochemistry and Cancer Biology program (BCB) of Augusta University offers some of the best technological facilities in the world and the innovative training needed to make significant contributions to diverse fields of biomedical research. The BCB program is student-centered and geared to nurture skills that are essential to all successful biomedical scientists.

While BCB is an inclusive and interdisciplinary program offering diverse research opportunities, cancer research is a major focus. Cancer is one of the most complex, feared, and devastating diseases affecting humanity. In the United States alone, about two million new cancer cases are diagnosed each year, and about 600,000 are projected to die of cancer (about 1,600 daily). The best intellectual and technological resources are focused on eliminating cancer through increased understanding, prevention, detection, and treatment. Cancer investigators are working together to address this challenge effectively. At Augusta University, we have formed collaborative teams across diverse fields of study (e.g., developmental, biochemical, cell and molecular biology, pharmacology, immunology, epidemiology, genetics, and many others). This multidisciplinary approach provides diverse research opportunities and the chance to make enormous strides in our understanding of cancer biology. Still, some of the most important discoveries await the next generation of scientists. Joining the BCB team will expand your intellectual horizons and explore the limits of your potential as a next-generation biomedical scientist.

Application & Admission Contacts

Patricia L. Cameron, PhD
Vice Dean, The Graduate School

Julie Cook
Assistant Director for Graduate School Admissions

(706) 721- 9516

Program Director

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Darren Browning

"Each student who joins the BCB program becomes a part of a family that works together to ensure that students are not only successful, but enjoy the journey."

Program Contact

Darren Browning, PhD 
Program Director 

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Karina Aguilar

"I chose my degree program because the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is very collaborative. I like that I can ask for help if needed from other Professors and everyone is friendly and knowledgeable."

- Karina Aguilar

Dominique Monroe

"My career goal is to become a PI investigating ways to reduce the harmful effects of Radiation on Astronauts in space."

- Dominique Monroe

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