• High impact translational research in cardiovascular and metabolic physiology and pathophysiology
  • Internationally recognized faculty in cardiovascular and neuronal physiology
  • Skilled and supportive mentors
  • 10 American Heart Association and 2 NIH Predoctoral Fellowships in the last 5 years alone
  • Collaborative research environment
  • Successful graduates


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Patricia L. Cameron, PhD
Vice Dean, The Graduate School
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Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the US and a major cause of disability. One out of every two individuals will die of a type of cardiovascular disease.

Vascular biology research studies the function of cardiovascular system in health and disease and is committed to a better understanding of the mechanisms of disease and the development of new treatments.

The Vascular Biology Center at Augusta University offers biomedical graduate students a highly diversified and rigorous research program that investigates a broad range of cardiovascular diseases including heart failure, stem cells, atherosclerosis, aneurysms, obesity and diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, acute lung injury and sickle cell disease.

You will be guided by an international team of established, well-funded investigators using state-of-the-art equipment and novel techniques to study mechanisms of disease in animals, cells and at the molecular level.

Students regularly get the opportunity to present their data at national and international conferences. At the completion of your studies, you will be well versed in cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology and scientific communication, mastered essential research skills, submitted extramural grants and have published in one or more major scientific journals.

Our students have a demonstrated track record of success and have gone on to careers at top level research institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, NASA, teaching, dental and medical school.


Eric J. Belin de Chantemele“At the Vascular Biology Center, our priority is the success of each of our graduate students. We offer them a plethora of research opportunities and access to the latest technologies but more importantly we provide them with a personalized, comprehensive and rigorous training that sets them for success for the rest of their professional career.”

Eric J. Belin de Chantemele, PhD

Dr. Belin de Chantemele is the Program Director of the Graduate Program in Vascular Biology. He is a core member of the Vascular Biology Center and a Professor in the Department of Medicine.

Dr. Belin de Chantemele is a recognized vascular biologist with expertise in cardiometabolic diseases. He received a Doctorate in Cardiovascular Physiology from the University of Lyon in France before joining the faculty at the Medical College of Georgia. He has developed a translational NIH-funded research program investigating the sex-specificity of the mechanisms of hypertension using an integrative approach combining genetically engineered animal models and cutting-edge molecular studies. Dr. Belin de Chantemele is an experienced mentor who has successfully trained more than 2 dozen of undergraduate, graduate, and medical students in addition to postdoctoral fellows. He is energetic, compassionate, collaborative and very supportive. He enjoys travelling, cooking, outdoor activities and water sports. 

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Eric J. Belin de Chantemele, D.Sc. FAHA
Program Director

Kari Martin
Administrative Assistant
(706) 721-6338

Student Profile

Candee Barris and Jester Doja

"The Vascular Biology Center (VBC) boasts an impressive history of being consistently well funded and it houses a collection of faculty who are well known in their respective fields and committed to the success of their trainees. The VBC is fantastic with hosting events and celebrations to bring students and faculty closer to each other."

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