Students in the Vascular Biology Program study the function of blood vessels at the molecular, cellular, whole organ, and whole organism levels to find better ways to diagnose, treat, and prevent vascular diseases. MCG has one of the extremely few formal centers in the United States dedicated to vascular research – the Vascular Biology Center.

In the Vascular Biology Program, Biomedical students take part in a research program that investigates a broad range of cardiovascular diseases, including heart failure, atherosclerosis, aneurysms, obesity, and diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, acute lung injury, and sickle cell disease.

While in the Vascular Biology Center, students will benefit from enriched learning through collaborative training efforts by internationally recognized faculty in cardiovascular physiology. They will look into the broad fundamentals of vascular biology in relation to other associated fields, promoting high-impact translational research in cardiovascular and metabolic physiology and pathophysiology.

PhD graduates from the Vascular Biology Program are prepared for a variety of careers in biomedical research and education that include academic, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology.

Application & Admission Contacts

Patricia L. Cameron, PhD
Vice Dean, The Graduate School

Julie Cook
Assistant Director for Graduate School Admissions

(706) 721-9516

Program Director

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Eric J. Berlin

“At the Vascular Biology Center, our priority is the success of each of our graduate students. We offer them a plethora of research opportunities and access to the latest technologies but more importantly we provide them with a personalized, comprehensive and rigorous training that sets them for success for the rest of their professional career.”

Program Contacts

Eric J. Belin de Chantemele, D.Sc. FAHA
Program Director

Kari Martin 
Administrative Assistant
(706) 721-6338

Student Ambassadors

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Candee Barris

"The Vascular Biology Center has an excellent history of graduate students obtaining funding through predoctoral fellowships. It is highly collaborative and offers many unique opportunities to effectively prepare you for postdoctoral success."

- Candee Barris

Jaser Doja

"The Vascular Biology Center (VBC) is fantastic with hosting events and celebrations to bring students and faculty closer to each other. Given that I started much younger than most students, I was initially intimidated by many of my peers; however, this quickly changed with the incredibly welcoming and supportive environment the faculty work hard to foster."

- Jaser Doja

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