Preparing for 3MT in 2023?

The 3MT Framework- Best Practices for Communicating Complex Ideas to Non-specialists

December 6th, 12-1 pm over MS Teams

Crafting Your 3MT Slide for Impact

January 24th, 6-7 pm over Zoom

Strengthen Your Delivery for the 3MT 

February 7, 2023, 6:00 – 7:00 pm via MS Teams

Presented by Pamela Hayward, Ph.D., Daniel Routh, M.A. 

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Congratulations to the 2021 3MT Finals Competition Winners!!

photo of Shannon Barwick

Shannon Barwick

  • 1st Place Winner
photo of Tim McLane

Tim McLane

  • 2nd Place Winner
photo of Shinjini Spaulding

Shinjini Spaulding

  • People's Choice Winner

Can you present your thesis in only three minutes? Take the challenge! 

The Augusta University 3MT competition is an excellent professional development opportunity to enhance your storytelling and presentation skills.

As a participant, you can gain skills and learn strategies to:

  • Capture and hold the attention of a large audience
  • Effectively use voice inflection, body language, and gestures to teach
  • Create an educational visual aid in support of a presentation
  • Deliver a message that will be retained by the audience
  • Articulate how your research benefits society (broader impacts)

Honing these skills will serve you well in: in job interviews, oral presentations, team building, study sections, at conferences, and when writing effective manuscripts and grant applications.  Ready to improve your ability to communicate scientific information?

Why should you participate in the 3MT?  

Listen to what Dr. Browning and some past participants have to say...


Darren Browning, PhD
Co-Program Director (3MT)
Graduate Program Director
Department of Biochemistry & Cancer Biology

Pamela Hayward, PhD
Co-Program Director (3MT)
Department of Communications

Jennifer Sullivan, PhD
The Graduate School

Patrica Cameron, PhD
Vice Dean
The Graduate School



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