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Students in the Biomedical Sciences Program join a community of like-minded learners and educators who become like a second family. They learn from an exceptional faculty who are known for leading edge research. Students will also have the opportunity to get involved with biomedical associations and travel to scientific meetings to present their work. The journey will require hard work and dedication, but know, the first-year support team is here to help! We guide students through the higher education process and support them in all their endeavors at Augusta University. 

What to Expect

As a first-year biomedical student, you will enroll in a core curriculum. You will not concentrate on a major just yet, instead, you will participate in a series of laboratory rotations (over your first two semesters) that will expose you to a range of potential pathways within the biomedical field. This allows students to sample different lab environments before choosing a lab, mentor and one of the 9 biomedical sciences program majors for their dissertation research. Rotation schedules are as follows:

  • Fall semester: Three “3-week mini-rotations" in laboratories of your choice.
  • Spring semester: Two “7-week rotations” in the same or different labs.

First-Year Forms

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First-Year Support

photo of Elena Dent, PhD

Elena Dent, PhD

  • Program Director
photo of Katedra Mitchell

Katedra Mitchell

  • Academic Program Coordinator

First-Year Student Perspectives

AU genuinely takes care of the students and provides everything to fulfill their potential. Seeing the success of AU Biomedical Sciences PhD alumni made it easier to choose the program.

Mofazzal Hossain


Joining this program is a great opportunity for me to pursue my research interests and learn from the experts in the field. The program offers a flexible and interdisciplinary curriculum, with a rotation system that allows me to explore different areas of biomedical sciences.

Ola Elsayed


The highly collaborative environment was one of the major reasons I chose the biomedical sciences program at AU. The faculty are always willing to help students and guide us to success.

Lucas Yearwood



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