The Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Program focuses the biological processes that contribute to normal development of the orofacial complex and diseases that arise in this area. Students will not only study the biological processes that contribute to the normal development of the oral and maxillofacial region, they will also investigate the nature, causes, and effects of disease and injury on the orofacial complex.

This Graduate School degree is academically based in the Dental College of Georgia, our interdisciplinary program emphasizes an integrative approach to research with a strong emphasis on biomedical sciences' relationship to healthcare applications. Areas of interest include oral cancer, bone metabolism, tissue regeneration, properties and biocompatibility of biomedical materials, oxidative stress and inflammation, diabetes, and hypertension. Students incorporate their research interests with anatomy, molecular and cellular biology, microbiology, immunology, pharmacology, and pathology.

Students are trained by award-winning faculty, gaining exciting insights into molecular, cellular, bioengineering, and in vivo research. Faculty engage students and inspire them to make new scientific discoveries to improve clinical care while emphasizing the need for life-long learning. Students present at national meetings, and many have won national awards for their research.

Application & Admission Contacts

Patricia L. Cameron, PhD
Vice Dean, The Graduate School

Julie Cook
Assistant Director for Graduate School Admissions

(706) 721-9516

Program Director

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Regina Messer

"The OB family inspire and support each other to be our best and work across a unique blend of clinical and biomedical faculty expertise to come up with innovative research. We would love to welcome you to the Augusta University family. Come, be a part of our family!"

Program Contacts

Regina Messer, PhD
Program Director

Melissa Hammac 
Program Administrator 
(706) 721-2031

Michelle Burnside-Barnes
Program Administrator 
(706) 721-2031

Student Ambassadors

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Bidhan Bhandari

"Coming from a dental background, I believe evidence-based science coupled with the right methods and technology would be a pivotal step in the treatment. Therefore, I planned to pursue PhD in biomedical science to equip myself with knowledge and skills that would enhance my academic career and broaden my professional life. Thus, the collaboration between biomedical sciences and the dental sector would help me be part of translational research and contribute to the field of medicine."

- Bidhan Bhandari

Harshit Singhania

"I am a dentist from India and I believe that a treatment becomes useful and valuable if it is based on the best evidence and coupled with the right equipment, methods, and technology. Thus, I wanted to pursue biomedical research to equip myself with the tools which would enhance my skills and broaden my knowledge in the field."

- Harshit Singhania

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