The 38th Annual Graduate Research Day

March 16 - 17, 2023

Schedule At-a-Glance

Thursday, March 16, 2023
1:00pm - 5:00pm
Postdoctoral Fellow Oral Presentations
Hamilton Wing - CL 1101

Friday, March 17, 2023
10:30am - 12:30pm

Fisher Scientific - Phi Kappa Phi
Poster Session
Wellness Center

1:00pm - 2:30pm
Keynote Address & Lunch
Dr. Eric Olson
J. Harrison, M.D. Education Commons
GB 1210B

Event Flyer

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Previous Keynote Speakers

Questions? Contact

Jennifer Sullivan, PhD
Dean of the Graduate School

GRD Keynote Speaker

Eric OlsonEric Olson, PhD

Annie and Willie Nelson Professorship in Stem Cell Research;
Pogue Distinguished Chair in Research on Cardiac Birth Defects;
Robert A. Welch Distinguished Chair in Science

Department of Molecular Biology
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Keynote Address Title: CRISPR Correction of Muscle and Heart Disease
Dr. Olson and his trainees discovered many of the key genes and mechanisms responsible for the development and disease of the heart and other muscles. His most recent work has provided an innovative strategy for correction of Duchenne muscular dystrophy using CRISPR gene editing. Work from Dr. Olson’s lab led to the founding of multiple biotechnology companies to design new therapies for heart and muscle disease.

Official Call for Abstracts

Below you will find the Abstract Instructions and Abstract Forms. Please submit your signed and completed abstract form to no later than Friday, February 17, 2023. Please note that postdoctoral fellows have the opportunity to request oral presentation in the March 16th postdoc session. In addition to the abstract form, the scoring sheet with criteria used by the judges is also attached for reference.

For more information, contact Chris Middleton, Graduate School Education Programs Coordinator. 

Abstract Instructions

Student Abstract Form

Postdoc Abstract Form

Scoring Sheet

Important Things to Remember:

  • Only ONE copy of your abstract will be accepted; we will not accept any additional copies after the FIRST submission.
  • We continue to ask all faculty advisors sponsoring an abstract to judge posters in order for their students or fellow to be eligible for awards. The number of abstracts greatly exceeds the number of judges, and even with this system, the overwhelming number of abstracts necessitates volunteer judging assistance from other faculty.  All advisors should be prepared to judge for GRD. The scoring sheet with criteria used by the judges is for reference.
  • First-year graduate students may submit an abstract and present their work, but they are not eligible for awards.
  • Postdoctoral fellows have the opportunity to request oral presentations in the March 16th postdoc session.


Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) Workshops

The Graduate School is partnering with the CWE to help graduate students submit strong applications to present at the 38th annual GRD. These workshops are available to all AU students and are specifically designed to prepare them before the event and succeed at the event. 

Abstract Workshop
January 23, 6-7pm over Zoom
The first step toward presenting on GRD is submitting an abstract about your research. Attend this virtual webinar on writing successful abstracts to learn concrete strategies for writing your research abstract. The presentation will include tips for choosing content, organizing and formatting, and writing clearly and concisely. 
Making Your Research Accessible to Other Disciplines
March 6, 6-7pm over Zoom
GRD is judged and attended by faculty across disciplines, so research projects need to be clear and accessible. Attend this virtual workshop to learn concrete strategies for writing and speaking in plain language. You can be clear and accessible without sacrificing the complexity of your ideas—let us show you how! 


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