Summerville Interdisciplinary Research Office

Steps to Submitting Proposals


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Notify Us Early

The Summerville Interdisciplinary Research Office supports researchers throughout the institution residing in departments without research administrators. We encourage faculty to schedule introductory appointments with us to discuss needs and best identify relevant opportunities. Researchers can seek funding sources on their own.

Once a funding opportunity had been identified, the researcher should notify our office as soon as possible at The more time we have to work with faculty, the more time we have to create a successful proposal. A minimum of four weeks prior to the proposal/application deadline is recommended. Researchers should read the sponsor's guidelines and FAQs thoroughly to understand the expectations and requirements.


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Setting Up Forms

Upon receiving an email of intent from a researcher, our office will schedule a proposal/application planning meeting at the Summerville Interdisciplinary Research Office, Allgood Hall E-325. Our follow up from the planning meeting will be:

  • Send Notice of Intent to Apply (NIA) to the Division of Sponsored Programs Administration (DSPA)
  • Send follow-up email summarizing the meeting and instructions for application
  • Send "Task Lists" along with determined internal deadline(s)
  • Set up application (federal grants) and/or provide necessary institutional information
  • Set up account for various application components/parts
  • Set up eSProute application for routing (sponsor, title, project dates are required). If needed, begin communications with collaborating partners to request required documents e.g., bio-sketches, letters of support, institutional letters of commitment/collaboration, indirect cost agreements, budgets and budget narratives, facilities and resources, collaborators and affiliations, etc.
  • Ensure completion of required federal forms


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Developing the Budget and Narrative

The next step is for the researcher, who will be identified as either the Program Director (PD) or Principle Investigator (PI), to develop a budget and budget narrative (justification) for review. Once the review is finalized, the PD/PI will sign off on the finalized budget. Then, our office will route the proposal for approval, attestations, etc.

Following the routing, the PD/PI will provide our office with a proposal narrative/research strategy and other relevant application components for review and editing. We will review and return edited documents for PD/PI's review and approval.


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Uploading the Application

For federally funded grants, either the PI or our office will upload application components and notify respective DSPA grants and contracts specialists for final review and procurement of required signatures.

For non-federal grants, our office will notify respective DSPA grants and contracts specialists for final application review and procurement of required signatures. Once documents have been approved by DSPA, the PD/PI will upload application components.