Embark on an extraordinary academic journey and soar to new heights by embracing the transformative power of dual enrollment at Augusta University.  

This exceptional opportunity empowers you, as a high school student, to simultaneously fulfill your high school graduation requirements while earning college credits. Dual enrollment at Augusta University is not merely an academic pursuit; it is a passport to a world of unparalleled opportunities. You will be mentored by renowned faculty members, engage with fellow students from diverse backgrounds, and cultivate a lifelong passion for learning. Furthermore, dual enrollment at Augusta University offers financial benefits, too. By earning college credits while still in high school, you can potentially save thousands of dollars on your college education. This financial relief can reduce your student loan debt and empower you to pursue your academic dreams without the weight of financial constraints.

Picture yourself graduating from high school with a substantial portion of your college coursework already completed. Imagine the confidence you will possess as you step onto the college campus, knowing that you have already gained the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in this competitive environment. Dual enrollment at Augusta University is not just a stepping stone; it is a springboard that will propel you towards a future brimming with endless possibilities.

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Application Deadlines

Summer 2024 Semester

    Application Opens – February 1

    Priority Deadline – April 15

    Registration Opens – March 27, 2023 

    Classes Begin* – May 15, May 20, and June 27

    Fall 2024 Semester

      Application Opens – February 1

      Priority Deadline – April 15

      Registration Opens – March 27, 2023

      Classes Begin* – August 14

      Spring 2025 Semester

        Application Opens – September 1

        Priority Deadline – October 15

        Registration Opens – October 23, 2024 

        Classes Begin* – January 6

        *Classes on-site at the high school will follow the district’s calendar

        Additional Admission Requirements

        Funding Application or Self-Pay Approval Form

        Students must apply for Georgia’s Dual Enrollment Funding Program via GAfutures if they wish to receive state funding. Once the student has completed their portion of the funding form, the student’s parent/guardian will need to complete the Parent Participation Agreement section. A new Parent Participation Agreement is required each academic year (summer, fall, and spring semesters). The upcoming academic year application is released in February of each year in GAfutures.

        Students who are not eligible for Georgia’s Dual Enrollment Funding Program will need to complete a Self-Pay Course Approval Form.

        Verification of Lawful Presence

        University System of Georgia Policy 4.3.4 requires that any student requesting to pay at the in-state tuition rate provide verification of their lawful presence in the United States in order to be classified as an in-state student or awarded an out-of-state tuition waiver. Visit the Verification of Lawful Presence webpage for more information.

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        Home Study and Home School Students

        Students who meet regular admissions requirements—i.e. are on-track to complete the required high school curriculum (RHSC) from an accredited high school should follow instructions for Dual Enrollment admissions. Students from non-accredited homeschool programs (or non-accredited high schools) may demonstrate their eligibility in an alternative way. In addition to being on-track to complete their required high school curriculum, PSAT, Pre-ACT, SAT or ACT must be submitted.

        Though not required, applicants are encouraged to submit a student portfolio with any additional/supplemental information that will assist with our academic evaluation.

        Please contact dualenrollment@augusta.edu for additional information.

        South Carolina Border County Students

        South Carolina students who attend a Georgia eligible high school may qualify for the state’s Dual Enrollment Funding Program. Please check with your High School Counselor for more information on if you may qualify.

        Students who reside in Aiken and Edgefield counties may enroll in Dual Enrollment courses but will be responsible for all tuition, fees, materials, textbooks, etc. Students must meet all published Dual Enrollment requirements and submit all required documentation. Once admitted, students can complete the South Carolina Waiver application and supply requested supporting documentation to receive in-state tuition costs. Please check with your high school to ensure credits earned will be accepted by your high school.

        Students domiciled outside of the state of Georgia who do not attend a Georgia eligible high school do not qualify for the state’s Dual Enrollment Funding Program. Students will be responsible for all tuition, fees, materials, textbooks, etc.

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