First Things to Consider

Is a video really necessary to tell your story?

Don't place a video on your web page just for the sake of looks or hoping to generate interest. The content on the page should tell your story, not flashy elements. However, sometimes videos are useful in demonstrating procedures, providing helpful visual information, or showcasing talent and offerings related to programs, etc.

Has your video been uploaded to an official Augusta University YouTube channel?

If not, please submit a detailed request to Communications & Marketing. Be sure to include the video and any other relevant information in your request.

Is your video captioned?

Captions are required to conform with accessibility standards. You can do this by presenting the same information contained in the video in an alternative way, such as:

  • Text on a page
  • A link to a .pdf document adjacent to the video
  • Using YouTube's automated captioning service which displays captions as the video plays. Using this method will likely result in at least a few errors unless automated captions are edited in YouTube.

Caricature of Rich Rogers

Rich says, "Information in a video must also be presented in text format."

Steps to Embed Video

Step 1

In Omni CMS, open up the region you would like your video to appear in (i.e. Main Content, Featured Content, etc.).

Screenshot of edit button example




Step 2

Find the "Insert Component" button in the toolbar. Click the button. When options appear, select "Video Embed" and then click "Insert." (If you do not have the component button, please email

Screenshot showing location of component button in toolbar

Step 3

Fill out the appropriate information for the video (YouTube or Vimeo). When you're done, click "Save."

Note: the embedded video should usually come from an official and approved Augusta University YouTube or Vimeo account. Please contact Communications & Marketing if you have any doubt. An example of an exception includes reports by reputable news organizations about Augusta University.

Screenshot of video details window


Step 4

Save your work. Upon saving, your video should look something like this example.

Don't forget to publish your page once all changes are complete and ready to go live on the site.

Screenshot of sample YouTube video embed