Publishing a file makes it live for everyone to see. Make sure all of your major changes have been approved by your site manager before making changes life.

We can also schedule a publish for a future date and time.

Sometimes, we also need to revert a page to a previous version in order to go back to previous content. Remember to publish after reverting!

How to Publish a File

How to Revert a File

  1.  Once your changes are done, click the green Publish button.
  2.  In the dialog box, check for misspellings and broken links.
  3. Write a short note about what was changed in the Version Description field.
  4.  Click Publish.
  1.  Check Out the file.
  2.  Click Versions Mode.
  3.  Look at the list of previous versions and select the file you want to change the page to.
  4.  Click the More Actions button, represented by 3 Horizontal dots to the right of file information.
  5.  Click Revert.
  6.  In dialog box, click Revert.
  7.  Edit page if needed and re-publish the page to make changes live.

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