Learning to log in to OU Campus is your first step to editing content on your department's website within OU Campus. 

You will need your username (NetID) and password with which you log in to your work computer.


1. Go to the page you want to edit

In a non-Internet Explorer browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome, go to your department's web page.

For example, users with permission to edit the home page of the Biology Department would navigate to augusta.edu/colleges/scimath/biology/.

 Practice on a Page

2. Scroll to the Bottom of the Page

The log in link is hidden in plain sight! Go to the bottom of your page next.

3. Click the Copyright symbol

Eureka! You have found the copyright symbol (copyright icon); click it to continue.

4. Fill in Your Credentials

Now you are at the log in screen for OU Campus. Type your Net ID and Password in the fields and Click Log In.

You may need to click Accept Changes from time to time when you log in.

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