Using the lightbulb icon, you can check out pages to begin editing content.

  • This system blocks multiple users from checking out the same file, so no one can overwrite someone else's changes by mistake.
  • Applies to all files: pages, documents and images.
  • If a page is locked, contact Web Services to unlock.
  • After publishing a file, it will check itself back in for other users to edit.

Icon Meanings         How to Check Out

Contact Us

Page Locked?

Contact Web Services

Icon Meanings

How to Check Files Out to Begin Editing

1. log in to ou campus

How to Log In

2. Select the file 

Find the link to the file you want to check out to you. 

3. Click the Lightbulb Icon

If the lightbulb is white/clear, click it to check it out to you! You can also simply click a direct edit button if the file is unlocked.

When You are Finished Editing

Check the File Back In

If you are done with your current edits, but not ready to publish, you can check the file back in for others to edit. To do this, click the yellow/lit lightbulb.

After Publishing

After you publish a file, the system will automatically check it back in for others to check out and edit. When you have finished editing, please check the file back in.

If the file is Locked 

  • If the file you need to work on is checked out, email with the site and file name.
  • Hover over the lock to see who has it checked out.
  • Please keep in mind the person who has the file checked out might not be finished or ready for changes to go live.

A Step-by-step Tutorial: