When removing content in OU Campus, there are two options: Move to Recycle Bin and Delete. You can pull things out of the recycle bin, but you cannot restore a file after completing the delete process.

Both deleted and recycled files will be removed from the live site. If the file is linked elsewhere, it is important to remove it from those pages too.

Which Process is for me?


Only delete content that you do not want back. It will be permanently deleted. If you need to archive, consider saving your files to Box.

  1. From the Page Content Layout, users can hover over the folder to be deleted, and select the "Delete" option under the "File" drop-down menu.

- Users can also select the checkbox to the left of the folder, and select the "Delete" option to delete the folder.

2. Upon clicking "Delete", a pop-up box will appear to ensure the page is not deleted accidentally.  You must type "delete" into the empty field before you can delete the folder.  Once the folder is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

3. Select "Delete."



If content needs to be removed from the site, but not permanently deleted, simply follow the steps to recycle your content by moving it to the recycle bin.

1. In order to remove webpages, documents, or images, users should navigate to the Page Content Layout in OU Campus.

2. From this view, users have a wider variety of options available to them.  By hovering over the desired page to recycle, additional options appear.  Under the "File" option at the far right is the option "Move to Recycle Bin."  Select this option to send the page to the Recycle Bin.

3. Upon clicking "Move to Recycle Bin", a pop-up box will appear to ensure the page is not removed accidentally.

 The pages listed in the pop-up box are the pages that link to the page you are attempting to remove.  Moving the page to the recycle bin as is means that the links on these pages will break. To ensure that there are no broken links on the site, fix or remove all the links on the listed pages prior to moving the page to the recycle bin.

4. Select "Move to Recycle Bin" to remove that file from it's folder, and place it in the Recycle Bin.



Need to bring back recycled content? Restore, edit, then re-publish the file.

1. To recover files, hover over the "Content" menu at the top of the screen, and select "Recycle Bin" from the drop-down menu.

2. The Recycle Bin lists files, documents, images, and pages that have been deleted from the website. It lists the file name, the original location of the file, the person who sent it to the recycle bin, and the date and time the file was recycled.

3. Users can use the "Filter" option to easily locate the file that was recycled.  Type either the name of the file, or the original location of the file.

4. A file can be restored by hovering over the file "Options", and selecting "Restore."

5. Upon clicking "Restore," a pop-up box will appear, confirming that you want to restore the file. The file will be restored to its original location.

6. Click "Restore" to restore the page to its original location. The file will disappear from the Recycle Bin, and the user will be taken to the Content Page Layout where the page is locked.

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