A Gadget is a little program that provides additional functionality within OU Campus.  

Click the plug icon plug icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page to open the Gadgets sidebar

The Gadgets sidebar can be shown or hidden by the user, and can be shown by clicking on the "Show Gadgets" button at the top right of the screen.

Intermediate Gadgets

My Checked-Out Content 

The "My Checked-Out Content"  gadget shows the content checked out by the current user, and the date/time stamp that the content was checked out.  Within this gadget, the pages are linked, and can be clicked to for editing.  The light bulb icon indicates the page is checked out, and clicking the icon checks the page back in.

Check Files In & Out


The "Images" gadget lets the user drag and drop images from any folder into editable regions.  Images can also be downloaded to a local computer by dragging an image from the Images gadget onto the desktop. The Images gadget will only appear when a page is checked out.

Upload, Insert, & Publish

Edit Images

Help Me

Find a link to our DCM Work Request form and a link to our Web Training Resources with this gadget.

Dependency Tag Info

The "Dependency Tag Info" gadget allows content editors to search for and display information regarding dependency tags in OU Campus.  This gadget is useful for when a user is trying to locate all pages that link to a specific page.


The "Snippets" gadget lets the user drag and drop snippets from any folder into editable regions.


URL Shortener

The "URL Shortener" gadget allows users to convert long URLs into shortened URLs.  Users can then copy the shortened URL to paste onto the page or the "Insert/Edit Link" URL Source field.  Clicking the shortened URL directs the user to the page or directory defined by the original URL path.