Learning how to upload new image and document files is an essential part of being a web publisher. Documents should be inserted as links (from the documents folder or from Box) and images are inserted (from the images folder).

Quick Tips

  • Save all documents as a PDF.
  • Compress all images to 1 megabyte or less.
  • Upload documents and images to their folders. 
  • Utilize Box for a document that changes frequently.

How to Upload a New Image

How to Upload a New Document

Note: Newly uploaded must be published.
Note: Users should use PDFs instead of Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). PDFs are more accessible, easily downloaded, and not easily changed.
  1.  In Edit mode, place your cursor where you want the image to appear on the page.
  2.  Click the Image image icon button on second row of the toolbar.
  3.  Click Source button upload icon to the right of the Source field.
  4.  Click Blue Upload button in upper right corner.
  5.  Click +ADD button.
  6. Select an appropriate image from your computer.
  7.  Edit file name if invalid.
  8.  Click Start Upload.
  9.  Once finished, Click Insert.


  1.  In Edit mode, highlight your text that will go to your document.
  2.  Click the Insert Link button, represented by the chain icon.
  3.  Click the URL button upload icon to the right of the URL field.
  4.  Click the documents folder.
  5.  Click Blue Upload button in upper right corner.
  6.  Click +ADD button.
  7. Select the PDF from your computer.
  8.  Edit file name if invalid.
  9.  Click Start Upload.
  10.  Once finished, Click Insert.

Extra steps for PDFs


Convert Documents to PDFs


Do not scan documents as images. Instead, follow steps to quickly convert Microsoft Office documents to a PDF.



Consider making your PDF a fillable form or request our team to make you a form for your page.

Learn about Accessibility


Take our Web Accessibility Compliance or Siteimprove courses to learn more about and how to check your PDF's Accessibility.