Images are important, but they must serve a purpose on the web. Your images should deliver a sense of place to future students.

Remember: images are NOT the most important part of your pages.


  • General rule: No larger than 600 px wide and 1 MB.
  • Large images make the pages difficult to load, and certain browsers will always display the image at full-size. 
  • Before inserting, images should resized to be as close as possible to the size the images should be viewed.  

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Edit Images

Steps to Add Images to OU Campus


Upload your image file to the images folder in OU Campus.


Insert your image on your page in OU Campus.


Make your image live for everyone to experience!

how to Upload a New Image

If you are working on adding a new image that is not already in your department's OU Campus Images folder, such as a headshot of a new employee, you will need to follow these steps to upload it:

  1. In Edit Mode, place your cursor where the picture needs to be inserted.
  2. Click the Insert/Edit Image Icon icon on the second row of the toolbar.
  3. Click the Source button icon to the right of the Source field.
  4. Click the Upload button in the upper right-hand corner.
  5. Click the +Add button.
  6. Select the image file you would like to add from your computer files.
  7. Click Open.
  8. Rename the file to comply with file naming conventions. (all lowercase, hyphens instead of spaces, no special characters)
  9. Click Start Upload.
  10. The new image file will appear in the Images folder list.
    (Note: If an image is not appearing correctly after inserting, follow steps to publish.) 

    You can upload multiple images at a time.

How to insert an Image on your page

  1. Navigate to the direct editable region where you want your image to appear on your page.
  2. Click the Insert/Edit Image Icon icon on the second row of the toolbar.
  3. Click the Source button icon to the right of the Source field.
  4. Find and click the Image file name.
  5. Describe the image's message with text in the Alternative Description field.
  6. Click Save. Your image should appear in the Editor where your cursor was placed.

How to Publish an image file

After you add upload or edit a new image, you should publish the image file to make the changes live and viewable to your web page's visitors. Follow these steps to publish your image file:

  1. On the global OU Campus Navigation, Click Content.
  2. Click Pages.
  3. Find and click your directory's Images folder. (Note: usually your files will be listed in alphabetical order, but you can also find files clickly using the Filter.)
  4. Find and Click the name of the file you would like to Publish.
  5. Save any changes made.
  6. Click Publish.
  7. Click Publish in the dialog box to confirm. (Note: We do not require Version Descriptions of Images, but you might find it helpful if you have multiple versions of the same image.)

Image Resources

We have many resources to help you find, select and edit the right images for your department's web pages.

Photo Archive


Currently housed in Box, we have an archive of photos for you and the media to use. All photos are property of Augusta University and have been taken by our photographers.

Images Work Request


Fill out our Images Work Request form to request an archive, event, headshot, or feature photo.

Editing Software


It is always best to edit your images prior to uploading them to OU Campus. OU Campus has an Image Editor, but Photoshop and Pixlr will provide for higher quality edited images.



All videos should be housed on a university sponsored YouTube account. Please contact Digital Services for more information.

OU Campus Training


Join another OU Campus - Beginner training. Join the last half of the session for a refresher on Images & How to Use Them.



Images and Accessibility go hand in hand.