Degree-seeking undergraduate students are eligible to update their student record to non-lockstep programs via an online automated process with the assistance of their advisor.  Eligible updates include: major, minor, concentration, and catalog year. Advisors will need to log into POUNCE to complete the curriculum change request. These changes are effective for the following term.

Curriculum Change Automation Instructions for Advisors

Graduate, professional, and post-professional students will need to submit the student record update form to make any changes to their curriculum.

Non-degree seeking students are not eligible to update their student record and must apply via Academic Admissions as degree seeking to make any changes.

PLEASE NOTE: As students are reported in their curriculum to the Department of Education at the beginning of each term and any changes to curriculum during a term may impact the assessment of tuition and fees, updates submitted after the published drop/add period on the academic calendar will be effective for the next term.


Your academic program encompasses the degree, major, concentration track, minor and any options you are pursuing during your studies at Augusta University.  Use the Augusta University Catalog and JagTrax to track your program requirements and make decisions about changing your program.

Academic advising is an important part to the successful completion of your education goals. Your academic advisor is there to provide guidance in regards to course selection, degree requirements, academic success strategies, career plans, and integration to the campus culture. Each academic college has developed an advising structure that facilitates the needs of their students and programs.