• Provides an easy-to-read worksheet that helps see how completed courses fulfill degree requirements and which degree requirements still need to be completed.
  • Maps out the academic journey for students from their first class to graduation.
  • Gives advisors the required information to guide students in their academic journey and provide personalized advice based on their students’ goals.

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This video provides an overview of JagTrax, a degree auditing tool that helps students stay on track with their degree.


This video provides information for new advisors or those seeking a refresher on how to utlize JagTrax for student success.


This video provides an overview of the What-If Analysis feature in JagTrax.




JagTrax is a web-based tool to help students and advisors monitor student progress toward graduation. JagTrax allows students and their advisors to plan future academic coursework. 

  • Any current student in a participating program.
  • Any Academic or Faculty advisor.  If you are unable to view JagTrax, contact the Data Stewards at banneraccess@augusta.edu.
Authentication Error

Close all browsers including Banner, clear your cache and history, then try logging in again but remember to only use the first part of your email address (anything before the @augusta.edu) for the username. 

 If you still receive an error message, please email jagtrax@augusta.edu with a screenshot.
Access Denied

Close all browsers including Banner, clear your cache and history, then try logging in again but remember to only use the first part of your email address (anything before the @augusta.edu) for the username. 

 If you still receive an error message, please email jagtrax@augusta.edu with a screenshot.

If you are an AU student in addition to your advisor role, please contact jagtrax@augusta.edu regarding your "Access Denied" error.

JagTrax Login Error

Log out of all previously logged in JagTrax instances and try logging in again. 

If you continue to receive an error message than you may not have JagTrax access, please email Banneraccess@augusta.edu to confirm.
No Student Data Exists Confirm that the student is an active student, the catalog year is correct on the student’s record and the student has declared a degree.

For most advisors, the assignment of the advisor to the advisee in Banner is required to review their record in JagTrax. This is handled through automation that runs multiple times a day. If you do not see one of your Advisee's in JagTrax, please contact banneraccess@augusta.edu

Yes, JagTrax lists degree requirements in a block format:

red circle with no fill Remaining requirements are identified by a red circle within each block.
green circle with checkmark inside Completed requirements are identified by a green circle within each block.
blue circle, filled in halfway In-Progress requirements are identified by a blue circle within each block. 

Grades are updated in JagTrax at the end of each semester after the completion of "End Of Term Processing."  Once processed, grades are viewable in JagTrax following the nightly refresh.

As students are reported in their curriculum to the Department of Education at the beginning of each term and any changes to curriculum during a term may impact the assessment of tuition and fees, updates submitted after the published drop/add period on the academic calendar will be effective for the next term.

In addition to the current term curriculum, JagTrax will display the future term curriculum to allow for advisement and registration planning. Current term curriculum will no longer display in the audit beginning the first day of the future term.

There could be many reasons that information in JagTrax is not up to date.  A few of the most common are listed below. 

  • JagTrax may not have been refreshed since an update was made to the student record.   A refresh is completed nightly.
  • There could be outstanding paperwork that must be completed. For example, if a grade change is pending, it is possible the form has not yet reached the Registrar's Office.

Feel free to contact the Registrar's Office at jagtrax@augusta.edu regarding information not being up to date.

Any discrepancy should be brought to the attention of the Registrar's Office.

Some of the common problems and solutions are listed below:

Discrepancy Solution
The major on the worksheet is wrong and/or the concentration doesn't appear on the worksheet. Submit a Student Record Update form to the Registrar's Office at records@augusta.edu to have this information updated.
The requirements for my major are wrong. Review the catalog term that appears on each of the blue bars that separate the sections of the worksheet. This is the catalog used to build your requirements. Contact the Registrar's Office at records@augusta.edu if the catalog year should be changed.
Permission was granted to substitute a course but is it not showing in the audit trail in JagTrax. Once the advisor and department chair approve a substitution, it must be sent to the Registrar's Office at jagtrax@augusta.edu to be updated in JagTrax.

No, JagTrax is an unofficial audit of coursework, as well as an outline of all degree requirements. A transcript is your official university record and must be requested through POUNCE using the link below.

Augusta University Official Transcript

A degree audit can be reviewed at any time, but it is recommended to do so at least five times a semester:

  • Prior to advising appointment
  • Before registration
  • After registration to ensure courses apply to program requirements
  • After grades for each semester are posted
  • Any time changes are made to your student record


Yes.  Choose the printer icon from the top right menu bar. 

JagTrax uses the information listed on your official transcript.  In addition to completed and in-progress requirements, JagTrax will list outstanding requirements.  All updates made prior to the last refresh will be available for viewing in JagTrax.  JagTrax is refreshed nightly.

A course substitution should be completed when a student is following the curriculum for the correct catalog year, but took a course in place of another.

Students will be added to JagTrax upon acceptance.

If you see exceptions that have become "Un-Enforced" please contact jagtrax@augusta.edu

Non course requirements are not tracked for degree progression and will be removed from the listing during the next system upgrade.

Regents GPA The average of every grade received at Augusta University, including repeated courses. This cumulative GPA is used in determining eligibility for scholarships and academic awards.
Institutional GPA The average of grades received in all courses taken at Augusta University, including only the most recent grade for courses that have been taken more than once at Augusta University and are not repeatable for credit. If an undergraduate student repeats an Augusta University course (except courses which may be repeated for credit such as WELL activity courses), then the new grade earned, higher or lower, replaces the former grade in calculating the Institutional GPA. This GPA is used in determining graduation eligibility as well as whether or not a student is placed on academic probation or academic suspension.
Transfer GPA The average of grades that have transferred in from other schools.  Transfer work may be used to determine eligibility for academic awards.
Overall GPA The average of all grades earned in college level work.