Welcome back adventurers! As returnee of a Study Abroad or Away program, you are now a part of a distinguished group of Augusta University students and alumni! We hope your experience was a profoundly enriching and challenging adventure.

You’ve probably noticed a few differences now that you are home again. Returning from the whirlwind of studying abroad and away can be a tough transition, no matter how long you were gone. But good news! We have some great resources designed specifically for study abroad/away alumni to help you settle back into the groove of life at AU and take advantage of your recent intercultural experience. So come on, dive into a wealth of post-program opportunities for explorers like you!

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Get Involved on Campus

Keep the dream alive! Here are a few ways you can continue to engage with international and intercultural opportunities at Augusta University. Don't worry, we never get tired of hearing about your adventures (although we might still get jealous)!

Professional & Career Opportunities

Study Abroad/Away alumni have many opportunities to engage in work, internships, volunteering, teaching, and international fellowships. Enhance your ability to articulate your study abroad experience in professional contexts (like resumes, interviews, and post-grad field work) by connecting with offices at AU such as the Study Abroad Office, Career Services, and the Academic Success Center.

Graduate Studies Abroad & Global Fellowships

Let us know if you have questions, ideas, or concerns!