If you are a student who is interested in participating in one of our study abroad programs and have a disability or a condition that may affect the academics, traveling, and/or overall experience of your program, we encourage you to read the information below, as well as the information provided by Testing & Disability Services.

Feel free to contact our office or Testing & Disability Services if you have any questions or concerns!

Things to Consider

  • Diversity Abroad has a great list to think about when considering studying abroad with a disability.
  • Be sure to inquire about additional costs, if any, for services. Do not assume that such services will be free as they are here.
  • Consider if your program location have its own disability resource office. 
  • Keep in mind that different countries and cultures may view your disability a different way than we do in the United States. It may be useful to know how to answer questions about your disability in your host country’s language.
  • Other external resources: 

The earlier you let Testing & Disability Services know about your disability, the better the Study Abroad Office can match you with a program that you can benefit the most from.

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Understanding Your Responsibilities

Study Abroad Office

  • Application process
  • Equal consideration in participation
  • Assistance with placements
  • Information about programs
  • Contract arrangements overseas
  • Coordinate specific arrangements overseas


  • Self-identify early in the process
  • To meet with the Testing & Disability Services and provide appropriate documentation
  • Request specific accommodations
  • Research information on various study abroad opportunities
  • Communicate with others who have completed study abroad experiences
  • Develop a proposed budget including contingency plans

Testing & Disability Services Office

  • Collect and evaluate student documentation
  • Advise Study Abroad Coordinator concerning accommodations
  • Assist in identifying academic adjustments
  • Arrange funding for required accommodations as needed

Disclosing Your Disability

Should you choose to disclose your disability, your program application should include a section where you will have the opportunity to do so as well as listing any accommodations you need in relation to the classroom, testing, housing, transportation, technology, and safety considerations. Also, please detail whether these requested accommodations are essential or preferred.

As soon as you apply and make a deposit to reserve a place on your desired study abroad program,   please make an appointment to meet with Testing & Disability Services.

  • If you have not already registered with Testing & Disability Services, please fill out the appropriate paperwork found here.  Please bring this paperwork in addition to your accommodation requests to your appointment with Angie.
  • If you can’t decide which program you want to choose from, come talk to us about choosing the program and then meet with TDS.
  • Disclosing a disability does not preclude you from participating on a study abroad program. Disclosure enables the Study Abroad Office staff to help match you with a program which will be able to accommodate your needs and that you can benefit the most from. We here as a resource for you!
  • We cannot guarantee that accommodations you request will be feasible or available in the program that you have applied, but we will discuss other options/alternative options if accommodation you have requested is not possible. This is an interactive process between you, the Study Abroad Office, and the Testing & Disability Services.

Contact Testing & Disability Services