Capturing DataOrganizations are capturing data at an ever-increasing rate. What can we learn from it? How can we find and analyze data that will help us understand what is happening and how we can improve our programs and processes as well as make data-informed decisions.

Analytics is the science of extracting patterns, trends, and actionable information from large sets of data. While often used interchangeably with the term "business intelligence" or BI, there is a difference. BI is the monitoring and reporting of real- or near-time data and historical trends needed to run an organization efficiently. Analytics involves exploring historical data from many source systems and building analytics solutions that provide insight into information that can drive organizational effectiveness and change.  

Dashboards + Analyses

Institutional Research (IR) develops analytics solutions for executive leadership, colleges, and administrative units at Augusta University and AU Health published on a secure platform. 

In response to the need for more insight into the performance, people, and processes of AU, Institutional Research has launched, powered by Tableau Server. This secure platform allows IR analysts to share visual analyses with relevant audiences across the enterprise via a web-based, mobile-ready platform.


How Do I Learn More About Tableau?

Quick Start Guide

Tableau has a wealth of free training resources, including videos and this quickstart guide.

Training Videos

Tableau's learning community has a variety of videos to help you learn how to prepare, analyze, and share your data.


If you have a need to dig into data to discover insights and gain knowledge, email the IR analytics team at for a consultation!


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