Our investigative work is made possible by several high-tech research cores at Augusta University. We also access technologies at Emory, Georgia Tech and five other research universities in Georgia through a statewide core exchange, which increases the technological capacity of our scientists several fold.

The labs of the Immunology Center of Georgia have state-of-the-art technologies that serve as shared resources. We make them available to other researchers without charging an administrative fee. These shared resources include:

Drew Scientific Hemavet 950

Ley Lab • M. Bert Storey Research Building

  • Fast (26 samples per hour) veterinary multi-species hematology system
  • Features accommodate multi-purpose veterinary hematology needs
  • Uses a positive displacement syringe system to delivers cell-by-cell analysis over an extended operating range
  • Delivers sample volume metering (via the syringe system) to ensure precise results
  • Automated multi-species hematology analyzer performs a variety of quantitative analysis for in-vitro diagnostics of hematological parameters


HEMAVET 950 square-chevron-right icon

Curiox Laminar Wash HT2000

Ley Lab • M. Bert Storey Research Building

  • Higher throughputs and cleaner data via 96-well laminar washing system
  • Gentle laminar cell washing in a format compatible with high-throughput and automated workflows
  • Cell-saving technology – for example, 6 centrifuge washes result in loss of 70-90% of cells
  • Excellent for scRNA-Seq experiments, especially if hash-tagging and CITE-Seq are used


CURIOX LAMINAR WASH HT2000 square-chevron-right icon

Moxi V Coulter Principle Cell Counter

Hedrick Lab • M. Bert Storey Research Building

  • Cell particle concentration range of 10,000 - 1,000,000 cells/mL Type S+
  • Excitation wavelengths of 532nm
  • Cassette types S+
  • Preprogrammed tests: Gold standard cell count, cell size, viability


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Other technologies in our labs: 

  • Tecan Infinite PRO Microplate Reader
  • Li-COR Odyssey DLx Imaging System


IMMCG scientists also have access to additional core labs and shared research services at Augusta University and across the state of Georgia.