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Our immune system surveils and protects every organ in our bodies by repairing injuries, destroying pathogens and killing cancer cells.

The Immunology Center of Georgia (IMMCG) represents a new initiative by the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University to leverage the ability of the immune system to combat disease. The IMMCG will accomplish this by assembling teams of biomedical researchers with strong records of scientific innovation and technological development.

The IMMCG is co-directed by world-class immunologists Drs. Catherine ‘Lynn’ Hedrick and Klaus Ley, both of whom have made major discoveries linking immune cells to specific mechanisms of disease.

The goal of the IMMCG is to produce novel and effective treatments for conditions that heavily impact the communities of Georgia and the United States. The new center is aggressively recruiting faculty and staff to lead projects focused on cardiovascular disease, obesity and metabolic disorders, autoimmune and infectious disease, neurodegenerative disease and cancer.



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Immunology Center of Georgia

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Renowned immunologists and vascular biologists Drs. Lynn Hedrick and Klaus Ley from the prestigious La Jolla Institute for Immunology in California will begin their new roles as co-directors of the new Center for Immunology at Augusta University in August.

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