The Jaguar Safety Patrol (JagPatrol) supplements the day to day operations of our department. This program is made possible through aid provided by the Federal Work Study Grant and authorized by the Augusta University Human Resources Department. The Federal Work Study Grant provides 75% of all salary costs for employed student workers.

Jaguar Safety Patrol offers students of Augusta University the opportunity to learn and gain valuable work experience while assisting us in carrying out our mission. 

The mission of the Augusta University Police Department is to promote a safe atmosphere in which the university's teaching, discovery, clinical care and service mission can be successful. This is accomplished through traditional and progressive law enforcement practices and strong community partnership. 

Objectives of Jaguar Safety Patrol

  • Create and fund eight (8) Student Worker positions within the Augusta University Police Department.  
  • Supplement Patrol Operations by providing personnel for specific low-risk service calls.  
  • Offer an opportunity for students to gain work experience in the field of law enforcement and public safety.  
  • Provide supplemental personnel for special duty and security assignments at Augusta University.  
  • Further develop community policing initiatives with a highly visible and successful student worker program.  
  • Serve as a recruiting and training environment for students whom are prospective employees.  

Hiring Process

  • Apply using the button below, and include a current course schedule
  • Complete a board interview with members of Augusta University Police Department
  • Successfully complete a drug screen and background/driving history check


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