About Professional Standards Division

Officer Zizzamia

Our mission is to ensure that our employees are highly trained, well equipped, and uphold the highest standards of conduct. Through accountability to the adherence of our Core Values, Professional Standards ensures that the Augusta University community is provided with the service they deserve. It is only through these actions that we will continue to maintain the public's trust. Our division includes Internal Affairs, Training, Investigations, Records, and Accreditation. We also maintain AUPD policy and ensure we are in compliance with the Clery Act.

In order to serve the community better, we welcome your comments, suggestions, constructive criticism or complaints, including complaints against specific officers. We will investigate all complaints thoroughly, and appropriate corrective action will be taken when warranted. Our officers take pride in their work and appreciate positive feedback from the community.

If you would like to recognize one of our officer's for outstanding performance or provide suggestions, constructive criticism or file a complaint, please use one of the following options:

  1. Telephone: You can call us at (706) 721-2914 and ask to speak to a member of the command staff.
  2. In-person: You can come to the Augusta University Police Department at any time to speak with a supervisor.
  3. Written: You can download one of the forms below and email it to Captain Harry Smith or you can mail it to::

Augusta University Police Department
524 15th Street
Augusta, GA 30912

Download the Citizen Complaint form here: Complaint Form

Download the Commendation form here: Commendation Form

We appreciate your comments as they assist us in providing the highest quality service to the members of the Augusta University community.


Our Training Division has one of the most critical functions in law enforcement. Our greatest responsibility in law enforcement is to the public. This is accomplished through a furtherance of education and training of our employees. Our employees receive the most innovative and current training available. We look to provide the Augusta University community with the best trained, highest skilled, and ethically upstanding public servants possible. 

Our Training Division ensures all of our employees receive critical training that meets or exceeds the guidelines of the Georgia Police Officer Training and Standards Council. We ensure that our training also meets or exceeds the Governor’s Public Safety Initiative, the University System of Georgia’s policing in a Higher Education Environment curriculum, and current departmental goals and objectives. 

What kind of training do our officers have?

All of our police officers are basic mandate certified, some have additional training such as:

  • Crisis Intervention Team
  • Cultural awareness
  • De-escalation options for gaining compliance 
  • A.L.E.R.R.T. (Active Shooter)
  • Judgmental use of deadly force 
  • Police legitimacy, procedural justice, & community relations


AUPD Firearms Instructor Team


Criminal Investigations

boloOur Investigations Division works hard to solve every criminal case that occurs within our jurisdiction. All crimes reported to us are investigated, regardless of the legal severity of the crime.

Our Investigators provide assistance to Patrol Operations Division in conducting criminal investigations, and conduct follow-up investigations on crimes that occur within our jurisdiction.

Investigative duties:

  • Follow up on open criminal investigations
  • Obtain warrants against criminals identified during an investigation
  • Obtain search warrants
  • Obtain evidence from multiple sources (security cameras, social media, etc.)
  • Interview witnesses, victims, and suspects 
  • Process crime scenes
  • Conduct criminal background checks
  • Conduct Computerized Voice Stress Analysis (CVSA) exams



Our Records Division is responsible for the assimilation of all files pertaining to all of our law enforcement actions. This includes all police incidents, vehicle accidents, criminal reports, state uniform traffic citations and Georgia Criminal Information Center reports.

Our Records Division is available Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. if you need a copy of a police report or motor vehicle accident report, contact Constance Jones  at (706) 721-8112 or visit us at Augusta University Police Department (HT) 524 15th Street Augusta, Ga. 30901.

For information pertaining to lost property, Please visit our Lost and Found Page.


Our Records Division provides the following public services for the Augusta University community:

  • Issue copies of police and motor vehicle accident reports upon request.
  • Collect and return lost and found property.
  • Conduct pre-employment criminal history background checks on contractor employees being considered for employment at Augusta University.
  • Conduct Augusta University student background checks to meet the requirements of clinical rotations.**Students must download the consent form and follow the instructions provided.

Student Consent Form


State of Georgia Law Enforcement Certification

State Cetification

Certification standards and accreditation are an integral part of our legitimacy as a police department. Our Police Operations Specialist works diligently to ensure compliance with all standards by requiring that the proper paperwork is compiled and submitted for review on a regular basis. Conducting these reviews not only ensures we maintain compliance with Accreditation and Certification Standards, but also that we operate with the most current policies and procedures. We also ensures that our officers are properly equipped to carry out our mission and that of Augusta University.

The Professional Standards Division is the driving force behind our certification efforts. We recognize that we must adhere to the highest levels of professionalism. To that end, we follow the Georgia Chiefs of Police State Certification and the Governor’s Public Safety Initiative programs as road maps to that professionalism.

Adhering to the standards of state certification gives reality to the notion that we follow the best practices of our industry. Only through relentless scrutiny of our policies, procedures and practices through the lenses of certification do we realize our dream of providing the best law enforcement services possible to all of our citizens and visitors.

We believe certification is a vital part of ensuring that we live up to our Mission, Vision, and Core Values.