This Syllabus Template promotes best practices in syllabus design by sharing why your course matters, how it is relevant to students, and how they can be successful in it. 

Branded with AU colors, it includes all the standard fare such as course name and description, but also suggests communications for online and hybrid courses, sample syllabus language that can be modified to match your style, specific wording to convey crucial course and policy information, plus a handy link and QR code to a variety of Student Resources.

The CII Syllabus Template is ADA-compliant. When populating it with your content, please make sure that your materials are also accessible. Customized content, if not accessible, may impact overall document compliance.

Think of the template as a means to conveniently create a student-centered course syllabus that is aligned with best practices and student success.

Before using this template, please check with your department to see if they have a different format they would prefer for you to use or if you are required to include additional college or departmental information.

Download Syllabus Template