The AU Course Shell is a 16-week course structure that can help you develop your course faster in D2L Brightspace, our learning management system (LMS). Designed by the Center for Instructional Innovation, the shell comes with pre-built pages that you can modify according to your needs.


Download AU Course Shell


  • It has editable pages that help you get your course up and running quickly.
  • It is ADA-compliant. When populating the course shell with your content, please make sure that your materials are also accessible. Customized content, if not accessible, may impact overall document compliance.
  • It can be used for all course modalities.
  • It addresses many of the Quality Matters Rubric standards.
  • It is based on research and best practice recommendations.
  • It contains prompts and tips to guide you through the development process.

Please Note

The AU Course Shell may only be installed in an empty D2L course. If you need assistance converting a course with pre-existing content into the course shell, please contact your college’s Instructional Systems Analyst.