Writing Standout Personal Statements for Medical and Dental School

April 26, 2024
Time/Location: 1pm-2:30pm, Zoom 

The personal statement is especially important: most applicants will have similar credentials and the statement is one of the only places you get to put a personal touch on your application. At this workshop, you'll learn some basic do's and don'ts for writing a strong personal statement that will make you stand out among your peers. You'll also learn tips for brainstorming, drafting, and revising.



WAC Speaker Series: "Linguistic Diversity in the Classroom: Solidarity and Support"

January 31, 2024
Time/Location: 6p-7:30p, Zoom

Photo of Jessi GrieserJessi Grieser, PhD., Associate Professor of linguistics in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Michigan

When we encounter students in our work as educators we are encountering students with a wide swath of linguistic backgrounds–different Englishes, different and many primary languages, different socializations to the role that language should play in their lives. This challenge demands a flexible approach which meets students where they are linguistically, with full thought for the ways in which ideas about language often reinforce white, colonialist  ideals to the detriment of learners’ progress. In this talk, I’ll discuss some features of linguistic diversity we need to take into account as educators aiming to meet our students and writers where they are, and provide a roadmap to holistic assessment which celebrates the linguistic gifts our students bring to our classrooms while also remaining sensitive to the demands a less linguistically-aware workforce may make of them in the future. 



Graduate Research Day: Writing Successful Abstracts

Monday, January 22, 6-7pm

The Graduate School is partnering with the CWE to help graduate students submit strong applications to present at the 39th annual Graduate Research Day. The first step toward presenting on GRD is submitting a strong abstract about your research. Attend this virtual webinar on writing strong abstracts to learn concrete strategies for writing your research abstract. The presentation will include tips for choosing content, organizing and formatting, and writing clearly and concisely.



Graduate Research Day: Making Your Research Accessible to Other Disciplines

Tuesday, February 27, 6-7pm

The Graduate School is partnering with the CWE to prepare graduate students to present at the 39th annual Graduate Research Day. One of the challenges of presenting at GRD is making your research understandable to audiences outside of your discipline. GRD is judged and attended by faculty across disciplines, so research projects need to be clear and accessible. Attend this virtual workshop to learn concrete strategies for writing and speaking in plain language. You can be clear and accessible without sacrificing the complexity of your ideas—let us show you how!


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