Documentation Requirements

Appropriate documentation includes a statement of diagnosis, how the diagnosed problem impacts your ability to learn, and suggests accommodations in order to validate your request for academic accommodations. Documentation must be current and by a qualified health professional, such as a physician, audiologist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or neuropsychologist.

Accommodations are approved on a case-by-case basis and sending documentation DOES NOT guarantee accommodation approval. Sometimes documentation is also sent to the Regents’ Center for Learning Disorders (RCLD) for additional review or we need to check-in with a university department. We strive to have decisions made as quickly as possible, however; usually within two weeks of request. For more information, click the link that fits your needs and contact us with any questions.

General Documentation Guidelines


Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder





Physical Disability

Mobility Disorder

Systemic Disorder

Psychological Disorder



Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Sensory Disorder

Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Blind/Loss of Vision



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Where To Go For Testing

If you have questions before requesting documentation from a healthcare provider, TDS can help! Send an email to our office account:

About Providers:
  • For any disability, it’s not your responsibility to know which tests to take! Your provider should know based on your needs.
  • For ADHD, Learning Disabilities, etc., someone other than the psychologist may do the evaluation with you. That’s fine, as long as the final report is signed by a licensed psychologist (PhD, PsyD).
  • Letters for psychological disorders should come from/be signed by licensed mental health providers (LPC, LMSW, PhD, etc.)
  • Letters should reflect data collected to represent current functioning.
  • Think you have a disability, but never been evaluated? Contact a qualified licensed provider in your insurance’s network or email for referral information. *TDS does not test or evaluate students for disabilities in our office but we can help you with referrals and steps to get tested.*
  • Had a learning disability/ADHD since high school? Send your most recent IEP/504 Plan and any psychological reports. If documentation doesn't represent current functioning, we can discuss this at your appointment.
  • Diagnosed with ADHD after high school? Send any psychological reports. If documentation doesn't represent current functioning, we can discuss this at your appointment.
  • Had accommodations at a previous university? Ask their disability services to send you a copy of your accommodation letter & any documentation of your disability you submitted to them.

To schedule an appointment with a Disability Service Provider, email or call (706) 737-1469.  Please complete the New Client Intake Form and send it plus any documentation supporting your diagnosis to or fax it to (706) 729-2298.