We highly encourage you to take the CNL certification exam. Professional certification is a prestigious standard that will promote your career and allow you to use the credentials ‘CNL’. National certification is highly valued in our profession and should be included on your resume/CV. In addition, many institutions offer financial incentive to certified nurses. For more information about the CNL, please check out this video Certified Clinical Nurse Leaders.

Augusta University’s goal is to have an 80% certification rate for graduates of the MSN Clinical Nurse Leader program. Have a look at the CNL certified nurses in Georgia and let’s make that number grow (look under CNL Directory, CNLs listed by State)!

Exam Format: 100% Multiple choice

For more information regarding deadlines and registration fees please visit CNL Exam Website.

If you are interested in taking the CNL exam, you can find a testing center by visiting: CNL Certification Exam Dates & Fees

  • Online application through CNC. Payment is submitted directly to CNC.

  • Apply for the Exam

  • CNL Standards of Conduct

  • CNL Education Documentation Form* (attached to email). This form has been pre-filled, but you must complete the following sections:

    • Part I: personal contact information

    • #5: complete the last part about the institution and type of unit where you completed your practicum. Please identify the patient population if the name of the unit does not clearly describe this. i.e. medical oncology

    • Date of program completion
      • Return this form to me by email, mail, or fax for program director’s signature. We will email the completed form directly to CNC if you have completed your sections as described above.

*This is the only part of the application process that the Augusta University CNL Program is involved with. If you have questions about other forms, payment, changing exam dates or locations, please contact CNC directly.

QUESTIONS? Contact the Commission on Nurse Certification.
Telephone:  202-463-6930, ext. 226 or ext. 242;
E-mail: cnl@aacnnursing.org

If you are sending the education documentation form by mail or email, our information is : 

Augusta University, College of Nursing
c/o Nori Brown EC-5507
987 St Sebastian Way
Augusta, GA 30912
Email: cnl@augusta.edu

Study Resources 

  • Additional review materials can also be located through the Publications/Resources link.
    • Harris, J. & Roussel, L. (2010). Initiating and sustaining the Clinical Nurse Leader role: A practical guide. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Barlett Publishers.
    • King, C. & Gerard, S. (2013). Clinical Nurse Leader certification review. New York:  Springer Publishing Company. ISBN-10: 0826171176 | ISBN-13: 978-0826171177. You can have a “look inside” on the Amazon website.

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