Safe Sex Supplies Program

Scientific Support for Condom Distribution




According to the CDC, recent research reported that CDPs as structural interventions:

  • Increased condom use, condom acquisition, and condom carrying.
  • Promoted delayed sexual initiation or abstinence among youth.
  • Provided cost-effective and cost-saving outcomes on future medical care costs by preventing HIV infections.
  • Significantly affected condom use behaviors and helped reduce HIV/STD risk among a wide range of at-risk groups (i.e., youth, adults, commercial sex workers, high STD populations, and males).

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Our Goals

  • To make sexual health supplies more easily accessible to Augusta University students.
  • To remove any shame or embarrassment associated with acquiring sexual health supplies.
  • To educate the student engaging in sexual activities of the associated risk and encourage regular STD checks.
  • To provide informational material about sexual health for connoisseur of all sexual levels.
  • To supply at least 15% of AU student residence with Safe Sex Supplies by the end of 2019.

How does it work?

Simply fill out the request form below. After filling out the form student will either get a discreet package in the mail within 5-7 business days or can request to have their items ready for them at Student Health the next business day. All packages will include your order, information on how to properly use a male or female condom and a random sexual health resource.

 Request Form 

What we currently have in stock.

  • Male Condoms
  • Non-latex Male Condoms
  • Flavored Condoms 
  • Non Flavored Lubes
  • Female Condoms
  • Dental Dams


* All orders are filled according to product availability *