After-Hours Care

Our hours of operation are as follows:  

Mondays – Thursdays:  8:00AM-5:00PM 

Fridays:  8:00AM – 4:30PM 

Closed on weekends and university holidays. 

Please call 706-721-3448 for information regarding hours of operation during semester breaks.  

To receive appropriate type of medical care: 

  • Routine care: Call 706-721-3448 to make an appointment.  
  • Emergency:  In the case of a life-threatening emergency, call 911 or have someone drive you to the nearest emergency room.  Click here for a list of hospital emergency rooms near both Health Sciences and Summerville campuses.   
  • Urgent Care: For other after-hours healthcare needs that are not life-threatening but severe enough that you need to see a medical provider before the Clinic re-opens next, call or go to an ambulatory care clinic.  Click here for a list of the closest ambulatory care clinics to both Health Sciences and Summerville campuses.   
  • Unsure if your symptoms are life threatening or urgent Telemedicine is an option 24/7/365! 

Call the United Healthcare 24 hour phone line:  855 -870-5858 to talk to a board-certified physician. 

  • There is no consultation fee if you are covered by the Augusta University Board of Regents student health insurance plan underwritten by United Healthcare Student Resources.  
  • If you are not covered by this plan, you only pay a $40 consultation fee.  
  • Check with your insurance company to see if this service is reimbursable under your plan. 
  • Telemedicine physicians can diagnose and treat most minor acute illnesses and prescribe medication if necessary – without you having to leave your home.  
  • You can access care from your smart phone, tablet, or computer. 
  • To set up an online account and learn more, please visit the  Healthiestyou website.

Keep in mind that your Student Health Fee does not cover care received outside of the Student Health Clinic. However, if your symptoms are truly an emergency or an urgent situation, please seek care immediately at the most appropriate facility. That is when your health insurance is important!  

Make sure you always bring your health insurance information whenever you seek medical care, emergency, urgent, or routine services at the Student Health on-campus clinic.