Student introducing themselves to a patient.

We welcome you to the College of Nursing and commend you on your choice of profession.

Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral prepared Registered Nurses are vital members of the health care team and are given the responsibilities of serving society and assisting patients during times of illness or injury. We will do all we can to provide you with the best education and training possible. However, you must take an active role in your education to learn the foundational theories and skills in order to prepare yourself for the responsibilities that lie ahead of you. Your interest, motivation, and dedication to this profession will bring many rewards as you complete your educational program and move into your new role with the health care team. We wish you success as you pursue your course of study!

As a professional student, you are responsible for following the Academic Regulations, Augusta University and College of Nursing Policies, and Program Specific Guides as outlined below. Students are expected to be knowledgeable about the regulations, policies, and program guides. If there are any questions, students are expected to seek clarification from the Program Director and/or the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs. Any violation of the policies and regulations is prohibited and may result in academic dismissal.

While the provisions below are as accurate and complete as possible, Augusta University, the College of Nursing, and The Graduate School reserve the right to change any provision herein without notice if circumstances so warrant. Every effort will be made to keep students advised of such changes. However, it is the responsibility of each student to know what changes have been made and to successfully adhere and meet the policies to successfully complete the requirements of the program.


Student Policies were revised on May 15, 2024. They are published and effective as of June 21, 2024.



CON 01A BSN Academic Progression Standards

CON 01B CNL Academic Progression Standards

CON 01C Post-Graduate Certificate Academic Progression Standards

CON 01DDNP Academic Progression Standards

CON 01E PhD Academic Progression Standards

CON 02 Withdrawal from the College of Nursing

CON 03 Academic Dismissal

CON 04 Academic Probation and Suspension

CON 05 Academic Standards Committee

CON 06 Grade Appeal

CON 07 Midterm Warning

CON 08 Transfer Credits

CON 09 Out of Sequence Students

CON 10 Ethics and Privacy in Patient Care

CON 11 Curriculum Changes

CON 12 Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening

CON 13 Laptop and Smartphone Use 

CON 14 Additional Expenses

CON 15 Academic Advisor

CON 16 Compliance Requirements

CON 17 Clinical Code of Conduct

CON 18 Essential Functions for Safe Nursing Practice

CON 19 Professional Behavior 

CON 20 Student Employment

CON 21 Communication with Faculty

CON 22 Professional Citation

CON 23 Attendance Policy

CON 24 Leave of Absence

CON 25 Exam Guidelines

CON 26 Exam Review

CON 27 Grading Policy

CON 28 Math Competency (BSN and CNL Programs)

CON 29 Medication Administration

CON 30 Dress Code

CON 31 Clinical Evaluation Process

CON 32 Reportable Clinical Occurrence

CON 33 Course Evaluations

CON 34 Learning Environment

CON 35 Change in Health Status

CON 36 Blood and Body Fluid Exposure

CON 37 Inclement Weather Guidelines