The Medical College of Georgia (MCG) and the department of Medicine recognize the importance of belonging and inclusivity.

We are committed to recruiting and training a diverse group of physicians to our residency program.

The Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University Department of Medicine believes a diverse faculty and resident body enhances educational opportunities for all trainees’ and treatment opportunities for all patients. Our objective is to maintain a culture of belonging, respect, and value for all. We understand the importance of celebrating our differences and fostering an academic environment of transparency, understanding, and empowerment. Through this education, we are committed to promoting the education of competent, empathetic physicians who have the knowledge and skillset to care for a diverse patient population and decreasing disparities in healthcare.  

We offer clinical opportunities to serve underrepresented minorities through volunteer clinics including:

Clinica Latina is a free clinic managed by the Asociación Latina de Servicios del CSRA (ALAS), a nonprofit organization established in 2005 that supports the wellbeing of Hispanic people and other underserved populations in the CSRA.
Equality Clinic is an interdisciplinary clinic which provides free healthcare services to the under- and un-insured LGBTQIA+ community of Augusta and the CSRA. 
The Free Mental Health Clinic is a free clinic which provides psychiatric evaluations and medication management services for adult patients aged 18 years and older, who are uninsured or under-insured, and are also 200% below the federal poverty line. 


Affinity Groups

The Office of Belonging & Inclusivity, along with the support of the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Associate Provost of Faculty Affairs, supports the creation of affinity groups. Affinity groups has an important role in promoting an inclusive environment by contributing to:

  • Create inclusion and community through a support network of mentors, allies, and peers.
  • Educate the broader campus community on a minority group perspectives and concerns.
  • Recruit and retain members of minority groups and their allies.
  • Advocate for policies and programs that meet the needs of members of nondominant groups.
  • Create a safe space for employees to share interests, concerns, and identities these groups provide.

We have several affinity groups at AU Health and AU anyone can join:

  • Proud Parents
  • Women of Color in Leadership
  • Men of Color in Leadership
  • Different Abilities WEB Network (DAWN)
  • Latinos in Action
  • The Black Faculty & Staff Association (BFSA) of Augusta University
  • LGBTQIA Faculty & Staff Association (LGBTQIAFSA)
  • First-Generation Faculty & Staff Association (FGFSA)
  • International Faculty & Staff Association (IFSA)


Members of the Belonging & Inclusivity and Health Disparities GME Sub-Committee
photo of Dr. David Cromer

Dr. David Cromer

photo of Dr. Ashley Fox

Dr. Ashley Fox

photo of Dr. Reinaldo Perez Moux

Dr. Reinaldo Perez Moux

photo of Dr. Aprylle Thompson

Dr. Aprylle Thompson