Course-Specific Workshops

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AIST-2220   BIOL-1101  BIOL-1108  
 BIOL-2251  BIOL- 3100  CHEM-1211 and Lab
 CHEM-1212 Lab CHEM-1212    CHEM -3412
CSCI-1301 MATH-1111  MATH-1113 (Wednesdays)
MATH-1113 (Fridays)  MATH-1401  PHYS-1112 and 1112 Lab 

Note-Taking Workshops

Good notes integrate course material, textbook information, power points and discussions. Good notes can help you earn good grades. In this session, we walk through some key note-taking strategies, using current course material, and learn how to capture important concepts, develop notes for memorization, how to avoid duplicating material, and finally, how to develop exam study guides.

Time Management Workshops

Class content gets more complex as we move into and through a college curriculum.  In this session, we will explore some effective college level study strategies that, if use consistently, can significantly improve your learning and grades. 

Study Strategies Workshops

Learning to study and retain course information can be challenging and easy to neglect, in this session students will build sufficient strategies and confidence to stay on top of the learning material for your classes. 

Workshop Time Date Location
Study Strategies 11:00am - 12:00pm Every Wednesday UH-157

Exam and Quiz Prep Workshops

Exams and Quizzes are coming. Do not procrastinate! Attend this workshop to make a study plan. We have some tips and tricks that are effective and reduce your stress.

Sense of Purpose Workshops

Develop or uncover your sense of purpose, the why you are in college, in this workshop. Join us for a conversation about goals, choices, and next steps and leave with a plan. 

Workshop Time Date Location
Mindset - Purpose 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Mar. 21st

Apr. 18th



Virtual Reality (VR) Workshops

Virtual reality fully immerses students and completely focuses their senses on the teaching topic. When experiencing topics as if they are real, students' brains create clear, detailed mental maps, helping to improve knowledge retention by up to 75%.


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