Summer 2024 Tutoring Hours

Drop-in Available during the Summer. All appointments are 30 minutes in length.

The Academic Success Center provides FREE one-on-one peer tutoring in-person and small group workshop sessions. The ASC will conduct tutoring on the Summerville Campus. Please see our complete listing.

Location & Hours

Summerville Campus - Academic Success Center UH-156

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

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Academic Success Center

Summerville Campus

University Hall

Suite #156


Office Hours: 8am-5pm (M-F)
Academic Support: 9am - 5pm (M-F)


Tutoring is available for 1000 and 2000 level courses. Some 3000 and 4000 level courses are available upon request.
Tutoring will be held on the Summerville campus.
  • Summerville campus location - Academic Success Center - University Hall - UH #156.

Cape Cluster #1 - College of Science and Mathematics Tutoring

BIOL-1107 BIOL-1107 Lab BIOL-1108  
BIOL-1108 Lab BIOL-3200 BIOL-3400
CHEM-1211 CHEM-1211 Lab CHEM-1212
CHEM-1212 Lab CHEM-3411 CHEM-3412
CHEM-4551 CHEM-4552 PHYS-1111
PHYS-1111 Lab PHYS-1112 PHYS-1112 Lab

Cluster #2 - HCOB, SCCS, and COEHD


Cluster #3 - Pamplin College Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences



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Peer coaching study success workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

The ASC Peer Tutors are trained and certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). The ASC staff verifies the tutor has earned a minimum of A or B in the content area to be tutored (or justified equivalent experience). The ASC staff receives a recommendation for the tutor from a content expert-- for example, a faculty member, department chair, university supervisor, etc.-- someone who can speak to the candidate’s content expertise and ability to communicate in the content area.

If you are interested in joining the ASC team, check out the Become a Tutor webpage for more information.

The tutoring sessions are confidential. The tutor will not share information about your session. If you would like the tutor to notify your professor you have attended a tutoring session, the request will need to be made in writing.

Navigate is a comprehensive technology that allows students to have access to the academic support services available by scheduling an appointment. 

Students can use Navigate to schedule appointments, view their calendar and class schedules, and access to campus resources available at the university.


If the course is not listed for tutoring, the student can email the Academic Success Center at to request additional information.

If a student can not attend during the available tutoring times, the student can request an appointment time. Students can request appointments either on the first page of the appointment scheduling workflow or in the Other Appointment Options on the appointment list page.

Tutoring is a team effort between the tutor and you. The best way to get the most out of your tutoring session is to come prepared with questions. Bring your textbook, syllabus and assignments.

Please notify your tutor if you will be unable to attend your tutoring appointment. If you miss your scheduled appointment, the tutor will attempt to contact you by email. If the tutor is not able to reach you, the tutor will mark the appointment as "No Show". If the tutor makes contact with you, the tutor can reschedule the appointment for a different available time slot. 

A student who is a repeat "No Show" without making an effort to contact their tutor will be removed from the schedule completely.

Tutoring starts the first week after the add/drop period of each semester. Come in early at the beginning of the semester as possible to get the best out of the tutoring services we offer. 

Tutors explain concepts using examples similar to your homework or textbook. Unless instructed differently, tutors will only assist with practice problems from within the applicable chapter.

Please note: Tutors cannot assist with graded assignments, take home exams and or quizzes. Asking for assistance for graded assignments or allowing the tutor to do your work for you is a violation of the Academic Honesty Policy.

Tutoring is offered in the Academic Success Center - Summerville Campus, University Hall, 1st floor, Suite #156.

Tutoring is also offered in the Science and Mathematics Building on the Health Sciences Campus - Room 1046. Currently, the only courses offered by the ASC tutors at this location are Biology and Chemistry. There are specific hours for this location. Make sure you check the schedule before going to that location. Information for mathematics tutoring at this location can be found here.

Tutoring appointments are scheduled in 30-minute increments. If you need additional time during the session, please reserve an additional time block on your tutors schedule.

A student can attend tutoring as many times as they would like during the semester.

Tutoring will be one-on-one between a student and a course-based Academic Peer Educator who will both actively participate during the session.

Come prepared with questions and specific topics to be covered during the session. Take notes during the session so you can refer back to them later. Ask questions and make sure you understand. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the content covered during the session before you leave.

We recommend that students engage with the services offered at the ASC at the beginning of the semester. 

Tutoring is an aid to help you understand the content learned more thoroughly, not an opportunity to replace class participation and attendance. The purpose of the tutoring session is to provide a space to discuss challenging concepts, ask questions, and work through practice problems with a professionally trained peer tutor. Meeting with a tutor before you experience difficulty in a course will increase your understanding and retention of the material and help you prepare for exams ahead of time instead of cramming at the last minute.

Academic Success Consultations can also help you prepare for success through time management, schedule planning, and learning strategies.