Ensuring that sensitive information stays private

If you are a recipient that has received a protected message via email from Augusta University encrypted by Microsoft Purview Message Encryption, you will need to follow a few simple steps below to view the message content.

Why does this happen?

Data Loss Prevention rules scan all outgoing emails for possible sensitive data and will encrypt messages that are identified as sensitive. This helps ensure that sensitive information, like Social Security numbers or health details, are safe and secure.

Here are some of the sensitive information types that all outbound messages will be checked for:

  • Credit Card Numbers
  • US Social Security Numbers
  • Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers
  • US Bank Account Numbers
  • ICD 9/10 codes
  • Nation Drug Codes (NDC)

Need Help?

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University: 706-721-4000
Health System: 706-721-7500

How-to Steps


External recipients of messages sent using Microsoft 365 Encryption can use the Microsoft Purview Encryption Portal to retrieve their message. Click the "Read the message" button on the email to begin the authentication process.

Screenshot of hypothetical encrypted message


Recipients may be able to use their current email account to authenticate, though it is recommended they select "Sign-in with a One-time passcode" to receive a follow up email with a passcode which will authenticate them and allow them to view the content.

Screenshot of hypothetical encrypted message - step 2


The recipient will receive an email from Microsoft Office 365 Message Encryption MicrosoftOffice365@messaging.microsoft.com with a subject of Your one-time passcode to view the message. This email will contain the one-time passcode which will be used to authenticate and view the message content. This code must be entered into the passcode authentication within 15 minutes. Enter the passcode, then click Continue. Message will be displayed.

Screenshot of hypothetical passcode to allow access to encrypted email