Audiovisual Services provides technical and audiovisual systems support along with maintenance for classrooms and conference rooms at the Augusta University. 

As stewards of audiovisual technology at Augusta University, Audiovisual Services assists faculty, staff and students by providing technical support, development opportunities, and advice on incorporating audiovisual resources and technologies into the instructional process.

What We Do

We provide audio-visual support and training for centrally scheduled classrooms, meeting rooms, and conference rooms. AV specialists are ready to help with any classroom technology need.

Our Audio Visual Technicians provide:

  • Audio-Visual event planning consultation
  • Room-Integrated AV equipment training and operation, if needed.
  • AV equipment management (transportation, setup, operation, and breakdown) for equipment such as microphones, cameras, audio mixing board, PA systems, projectors and projector screens
  • Event recording (unedited video)

Need Help?

Hours of Operation: 7:30 am- 5:00 pm
AV Support: 706-710-8757
After-Hours: 706-721-4000

How Can We Help You?

We are available for assistance weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you need immediate AV assistance or to speak with a technician, please call 706-710-8757.

If you would like to report a problem with AV equipment in a classroom after hours, please submit a ticket by calling 706-721-4000 or visit our ServiceNow Support Portal

Please keep in mind that there is not an AV technician on site after hours unless one is requested in advance (two full business days before the event).

AV Equipment Maintenance Request

We maintain and repair audiovisual technologies installed in Augusta University learning spaces, which includes classrooms, labs, and auditoriums. We perform routine check-ups year-round. If you are interested in us looking at your departmental and conference space please feel free to fill out a request. 

Event Consultation Request

Suggestions, Advice, Best Practices, Location Visits, VIP Preparation, On-Site Event Assistance (limited availability). Please feel free to fill out a request. 

Reserve a Room

To reserve a room, please visit our Event Management System (EMS).

AV Training

It can be daunting to teach in a new room with unfamiliar AV equipment. While we are striving to make the AV experience more consistent in our campus classrooms, we are happy to provide a quick orientation to staff, instructors or TAs who are teaching/presenting in any of our supported campus classrooms. Email us at or call 706-710-8757 to make an appointment with one of our AV technicians. 

Lab Testing Software

Request In‐Service Exam Support after your booking has been confirmed by Classroom Scheduling. 



We highly recommend that you visit the classroom to become familiar with the classroom technologies. Here are some videos to get you acquainted.  For all echo requests, please email

How to use the AV System

Echo360 in the Classroom

Equipment Malfunctioning Tips

If Sound is not working in the room

If the sound is not working for any AV equipment in the room, please
check the following steps to see if any of these fix your issue:

  • Check to see if any of the devices are muted
  • Check to see if there is sound feedback on other devices
  • Check and make sure all connections to the device are secure
  • Make sure the Crestron is turned on
  • Restart the computer with everything plugged in

If the video does not supply a proper fix, please put in a work order and
the AV team member will reach out to help, if it’s an emergency, please
contact a member of the Instructional Resources team.

When the touchscreen is not functioning

If your touchscreen is not functioning properly, please follow the
following steps to try and fix your issue:

  • Unplug the touchscreen, and then plug it back in after a few
  • Make sure all connections are secured.
  • Request a projector remote from IR (Note: Video would appear
    however there would be no audio)
  • If the touch screen is still not functional, please watch the
    attached video to provide a more detailed walkthrough for fixing
    your issue.


If the video does not provide a proper fix for your issue, please place a

If video does not play in the room

If video does not provide playback in the room, please check the following steps to see if any of these provide a fix to your issue:

  • Check to see if the system is powered on.
  • Make sure you can see the system on the monitor.
  • Is the laptop/PC that you plan to use being selected?
  • Make sure all the connections to all devices are secured.


If any of the options above do not fix your issue, please watch the
attached video ( we need to create a video) to provide a more
detailed walkthrough for fixing your issue.