Fall 2024 Application Deadline 
  • Part 1 - Departmental: January 10 (Fall Entry), MIGP Applicant Digital Portfolio of Artwork—Portfolio must be submitted directly to the Medical Illustration Graduate Program (MIGP) online through Box.com. Submit artwork with the MIGP Portfolio Application form. It must be received by midnight January 10. Specific information about instructions for submission and the contents of the Applicant Digital Portfolio of Artwork can be found below and in the MIGP Portfolio Application form.
  • Part 2 - University: January 10 (Fall entry), Online Application for Graduate Programs Deadline—All applicants must complete an Online Application for Graduate Programs and submit all required application materials to the Office of Academic Admissions by midnight January 10.
  • Part 3 - In-person Department Interviews: February and March (Fall entry), The Medical Illustration Graduate Program Admissions Committee will review all complete applications, and those applicants who meet or exceed the minimum requirements for program entry may be invited for an in-person Interview. Only complete applications will be considered. An in-person Interview is required for admission.

Application Fee (non-refundable): $55.00

Early submission of all application materials is strongly advised.

The program does not accept applications after the application deadline; however, the program will continue to accept application materials up to 4 weeks after the application deadline.

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Michael A. Jensen, MSMI, CMI
Program Director

LaDonna Butler
Program Admissions Coordinator 
(706) 721-3266


Admission Criteria


Minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale at the Baccalaureate level calculated on all undergraduate work attempted.

Meeting the minimum requirement is not a guarantee of interview or admission. Keep in mind the competitive nature of the program. The average cumulative GPA among successful applicants in 2023 was 3.83.

Science GPA

A minimum science grade point average (GPA) of a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. For purposes of applying to the Medical Illustration Graduate Program, the science GPA is defined as all Anatomy, Biology, Physiology, and Zoology related courses. In addition, an applicant must earn at least a "3" (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) in the science prerequisite courses of Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy and Human Physiology. 

Meeting the minimum requirement is not a guarantee of interview or admission. Keep in mind the competitive nature of the program. The average cumulative Science GPA among successful applicants over the last 3 years was 3.44.

Degree Requirement

A Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university. To be used to satisfy degree requirements, evaluation of foreign educational transcripts must show a degree earned that is the U.S. equivalency of Bachelor's degree or higher.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are required from all universities and colleges ever attended. In the case of transcripts from international colleges/universities, an official course-by-course transcript evaluation will be accepted in lieu of an official transcript. Official electronic transcripts should be emailed from the issuing institution to Augusta University's Office of Graduate Admissions Operations at graduateadmissions@augusta.edu 

Alternatively, Augusta University will accept official transcripts in the original, unopened, sealed and stamped/signed envelope mailed from the issuing institution directly to:

Augusta University
Office of Graduate Admissions Operations
Summerville Campus, Benet House
1120 15th Street
Augusta GA 30912

Transcript/Credential Evaluation of Foreign Transcripts

An official, professional course-by-course evaluation based on official transcripts and documents is required for all foreign educational transcripts and documents from one of the following three credentials evaluation services: Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE), Josef Silny & Associates, Inc., or World Education Services (WES). Course-by-course transcript evaluations may also be accepted from a current National Association of Credential Evaluation Services, or NACES, member on a case-by-case basis. Official transcript evaluations based on unofficial transcripts, documents or copies will not fulfill this requirement. 

Specific Ordering Instructions for ECE, Silny and WES

  • If ordering from ECE, please select "Augusta University - Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions" as the institution delivery.
  • If ordering from Silny, please complete the required PDF ordering form per their webpage. In the Method of Delivery section, please write the following, "Augusta University - Office of Academic Admissions email to graduateadmissions@augusta.edu.
  • If ordering from WES, please select the following, "Augusta University" as the recipient, "Office of Academic Admissions" as the school/division,  "Standard Delivery" as the delivery method. 

Letters of Recommendation (3)

Recommendations (which include a reference form and letter of recommendation) from three individuals are required. Referees should be individuals qualified to critically assess the applicant's prior academic (usually college professors), employment, artistic, research and/or clinical experience (clinical or research supervisor/manager) and qualifications (as applicable) as well as the applicant's potential as a graduate student in the field/program selected.

Recommendations must be submitted online only. Within the application, you will provide the names and current email addresses for the individuals you have asked to serve as your recommenders. Once you have completed the recommendation section within the application, each recommender will receive an email notification directing them to the online site where they can complete their recommendation.

Standardized Test Requirements

None are required for this program.

English Proficiency Exam (if applicable)

English proficiency exam scores are required for applicants whose first language is not English and who do not qualify for an English proficiency exam waiver per the criteria listed below. Augusta University will accept official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Test (IELTS) exam scores. Official exam scores must be taken within 2 years of the date of application. The Augusta University institution code for submission of TOEFL or IELTS scores is 5406. Please do not select a department code.

  • TOEFL Minimum Overall Score: 79 internet based or 213 computer based
  • IELTS Minimum Overall Band Score: 6.5

English Proficiency Exam Waiver Criteria: An English proficiency exam will be waived for applicants to graduate programs who:

  • submit proof of earning a Baccalaureate, Master’s or Doctoral degree from a regionally accredited U.S. college/university. The requirement will be waived upon receipt of the official transcript showing proof of degree
  • are citizens of countries on the approved waiver list

Please visit the International Student webpage for more information.

Program Specific Requirements and Information

Prerequisite Coursework

Science Undergraduate coursework must include the following:

    • Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy* or Vertebrate Morphology* with student dissection of a mammal (for example, a cat, rabbit or piglet), with a grade of "B" or better.
    • Human Physiology with a grade of "B" or better.

* A combined Human Anatomy & Physiology course with lab may be an acceptable substitute for the above two pre-requisites. Substitution is subject to review and approval by the Medical Illustration Graduate Program Admissions Committee.

* Coming for January 2026 applicants (for fall 2026 entry): Undergraduate Chemistry will be required, in addition to the 2 prerequisites mentioned above.

Fine Art - There are no specific art courses required; however, we strongly recommend the following:

    • Life drawing from a nude model, multiple selections, including advanced-level courses
    • Courses in realistic drawing or painting from observation, including advanced-level courses
    • Computer graphics, including Photoshop ® and Illustrator ® or equivalent. Additional digital media courses are strongly recommended.

Portfolio Requirements

Digital portfolios must be submitted online following instructions posted on the department website. The portfolio must be received by midnight January 10. The portfolio must contain 20 pieces of original creative work. Seventeen required works are listed below. Specific information about how to submit the portfolio and the contents of the Applicant Digital Portfolio of Artwork can be found below and on the department website http://www.augusta.edu/medart All artwork must be drawn from direct observation (not from photographic or video reference unless the photograph is taken by the applicant). Figure studies should not be from a photograph or video.

The portfolio must include the following 17 required pieces:

    • Five life drawings, including at least two long poses (3 hours or more). These drawings do not need to be the full figure or even fully nude; however, full-figure nude drawings are preferred. 
    • Three gesture drawings (may be on the same page),
    • Two drawings of hands (life-size, tonal studies preferred)
    • Three realistic still life studies in full color
    • One vector-based computer graphic image (e.g., Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc.)
    • One raster-based computer graphic image (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, etc.)
    • Two additional examples of realistic drawing or painting
    • For the three additional works consider submitting imaginative/fantasy, sculpture, design, or animation.

Specific information about how to submit the portfolio and the contents of the Applicant Digital Portfolio of Artwork can be found below and on the department website (http://www.augusta.edu/medart).

Interview Information

The Medical Illustration Graduate Program Admissions Committee will review all complete applications. If the preliminary evaluation is satisfactory, applicants may be invited for an interview with the Admissions Committee. These interviews are now primarily conducted online; however, those invited to interview may do so in-person if they choose.  Although, please note, all costs, including travel to and from Augusta and hotel arrangements are the responsibility of the applicant. Interviews are by invitation only, and successful completion of the interview is required for admission. All interviews will be scheduled for January or February, or occasionally in March.

A formal portfolio review is part of the in-person interview. The applicant must submit a digital portfolio of artwork that includes 20 images, including the 17 required pieces for the Applicant Digital Portfolio of Artwork (see above).

Also, including scans or photos of selected works in sketchbook(s) is highly recommended. For the convenience of the applicant, photographs may be substituted for very large pieces or sculptures. All works must be originals or prints; NO eBooks or websites will be allowed.