Find Undergraduate Researchers

Share your research project with CURS to recruit students. 

Mentoring Philosophy

Develop your mentoring philosophy.

Interviewing URs

Tips for interviewing potential undergraduate research mentees.

UR Course Sample syllabus

Resources for developing a research syllabus for your students.

Council on Undergradaute Research Best Practices

Tips and best practices for making the most of this collaborative relationship. Connect to the national Member Resources for tips for mentoring undergraduates,



Travel and Supplies Grants

CURS is pleased to offer materials and travel grants to support faculty-led undergraduate student research, scholarship, and creative activity.

Summer Scholars Program

Learn about faculty mentorship in the Summer Scholars Program. 

Request a Class Visit

Don’t cancel class! CURS can visit your classroom to provide a presentation on undergraduate research or other CURS relevant material.  We can cater the presentation from 10 minutes to 75 minutes depending on your needs.

Class/ College/ Department Showcase Support

Want to host scholarly talks that are more specific to your discipline? CURS will assist your department/college in discipline specific research, scholarship, & creative activity showcases of students and or faculty.

Recruit with a Tour

Give students a glimpse into your space. Let us schedule and organize a group of 6-15 students to tour your facilities and learn about research opportunities


St.Loouis' Research Team SSP 2023

What did you like best about the Summer Scholars Program? The ability to work with really great students who have a passion to both learn and develop as scholars. I have learned so much from working with Melvin over the past two years, and this experience will continue to influence my mentorship and research in the future.     - Dr. Alex St. Louis