Mentor Awards

Faculty mentoring is a very important part of undergraduate research. We value the time, effort, and energy put into guiding students through the discovery process.  Student are encouraged to recognize and show their appreciation by nominating a mentor for one of the following awards.

CURS Mentor of Excellence Award

Student nominated award to recognize and show appreciation to one faculty member annually who has shown excellence in mentoring one or more undergraduate students in research or scholarship. Nominations are accepted each spring. The CURS Advisory Committee selects among all nominations. Eligible mentors are AU faculty who have mentored undergraduates in research for at least one year. Nominations should be well written, detailed, and give examples of why the faculty mentor deserves this recognition. The award, including plaque and $500 in funding for student research, is typically presented during Undergraduate Research Week. 

Deadline: April 24, 5pm


Previous Award Winners

Clement Aubert

2023, Dr. Clement Aubert, School of Computer and Cyber Sciences

I appreciate that [Dr. Aubert] takes the time to not only explain the research at hand but also dives into topics that may help me in other endeavors, such as public speaking and thought discovery. We would often times have long conversations about career progression and our personal lives. I'm very glad that I've been able to learn so much from him outside of just the research.

Dr. Jennifer Bradford

2022, Dr. Jennifer Bradford, Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Bradford is one of the most hard-working, caring, and helpful professors Augusta University has to offer. During my time so far in her research lab, I have had the privilege of working under her and having her as my research professor. On top of the great communication she has with me and the two other graduate students in lab, she has also provided me with many great opportunities and experiences along with helping me grow.


2021 Dr. Ellen LeMosy, Department of Cellular Biology and Anatomy

Working with Dr. LeMosy has truly been an enlightening experience and continues to provide me with incredible opportunities for learning and growth. I have no doubt that my entire career will be shaped by the time that I have spent with Dr. LeMosy over these past years.

sabbatini award

2020 Dr. Eugenia Sabbatini, Department of Biological Sciences

One thing that I have always admired about Dr. Sabbatini is her extraordinary ability to teach and connect with students. She shows us not only how to conduct research but also how to enjoy the process with a sense of curiosity....Dr. Sabbatini has inspired me with her devotion to her work, both as a researcher and as a mentor, and I will always be grateful for her support in my journey of self-growth and development.


2019 Dr. Jessica Ziembrowski, Department of Social Sciences

Dr. Ziembroski is the most demanding, yet encouraging professor I've ever worked with at Augusta University, and she has greatly influenced my decision to become a social worker. She continually motivated me to reach my highest potential. She instills confidence in myself and my abilities through her mentorship.

High Five My Faculty Award

Student or peer nominated awards to recognize and show appreciation to a faculty member who has mentored one or more undergraduate students in research or scholarship. Nominations are accepted all year and awards may be presented at any point throughout the academic year. Awards are presented by nominator and CURS usually during a class period.

Deadline: No deadline, Nominations are accepted throughout the year.


Previous HFMF Recipients:

Dr. Brandon Cromer, Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Kim Davies, Dean, Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Soma Mukhophadyay, Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Deborah Jehu, Department of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

Dr. Laurence Miller, Department of Psychological Sciences

Dr. Ellen Lemosy, Departmenbt of Cell Biology and Anatomy

Dr. Alex St. Louis, Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship

Dr. Lance Hunter, Department of Social Sciences

Dr. Jennifer Bradford, Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Michelle Johnson, Department of Psychological Sciences

Dr. Andy Hauger, Department of Physics and Biophysics

Dr. Surenedra Rajpurhohit, Georgia Cancer Center

Dr. Angie Spencer, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Dr. Andrew Moore, Department of Kinesiology

Dr. Soma's HFMF Award High Five Award