Augusta University is proud of the research and scholarly accomplishments of our undergraduates done in all spaces of our campuses: clinics, laboratories, libraries, print shops, theaters and laptops.

This page is dedicated to undergraduate publications and disseminations of research and scholarly work. Students, faculty, and alumni may submit presentation completed by solo authors/performers or collaborations between undergraduates and faculty mentors or research teams. All citations represent work accomplished while the student was at Augusta University.

What Types of Presentations are Accepted?

We accept records of research, scholarly, and fine arts products of Augusta University students while enrolled as an undergraduate. A citation record can be submitted for any COMPLETED or PUBLISHED product. It may not be used for abstracts, presentations, or manuscripts under review or which have not yet been accepted or completed. Manuscripts that have been accepted and have a full citation (e.g., including journal number and issue) may be submitted. Articles submitted in The Arsenal should also be recorded here once accepted for publication.

Who Should make the Submission?

Current students are strongly encouraged to submit their own presentations with guidance from the mentor as needed. Alumni may complete the form after graduation if the scholarly work was done while an undergraduate student. Faculty may complete the form on behalf of student alumni if they were co-authors or mentors on the project.

Any errors in citation are the responsibility of the author submitting the presentation. If you see a needed correction, please contact CURS.

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Scholarly Accomplishments of AU Undergraduates

Students are indicated in bold typeface.


Balyan, V., Bhat, K., Van Derhei, A., Chen, R., Ouellette, L., Gossman, T., Nasanally, S., Arora, V., & Rajpurohit, S. (2023). Generation of homozygous transparent transgenic zebrafish strain to study cardiomyocyte activity. Augusta University Libraries.

Conner, S. (2023, November 10-11). Sky-High Spartina: Atypical Growth Due to the Noyes Cut within the Satilla River Estuary [Conference Session]. 2023 Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference, Valdosta, GA, United States.

Lee, A., Lebedyeva, I., Zhi, W., Senthil, V., Cheema, H., Brands, M. W., Bush, W., Lambert, N. A., Snipes, M., & Browning, D. D. (2023). A Non-Systemic Phosphodiesterase-5 Inhibitor Suppresses Colon Proliferation in Mice. International journal of molecular sciences24(11), 9397.

Moratin, J. (2023, November 8). BMAL2 IN ENDOTHELIAL CIRCADIAN RHYTHM AND REMODELING [Poster presentation]. The National Collegiate Honors Council Conference, Chicago, IL, United States.

Williams, C. (2023). The Function of ELAVL Genes During Neuronal Reprogramming. [Poster]. Augusta University Undergraduate Research and Fine Arts Conference, March 29, Augusta University.

Koch, A., Trang, A., Korkaya, A., Rajpurohit, S., Bradford, J. (2023, November 8-12). Does Genetic Deletion of p65 Alter Microglia Phenotype? Poster presented at National Honors Conference, Chicago, IL.

Otunuga, O., & Yu, A. (2023). Vaccine breakthrough and rebound infections modeling: Analysis for the United States and the ten U.S. HHS regions. Infectious Disease Modelling, 8(3), 717-741.

Lindsay, J., Heisey, E., Garcia, W., Yang, S., Gan, L., McCluskey, L. (2023, September 15). Sex Differences in The Morphology of Taste Bud-Specific Ace2 Knockout Mice [Oral Presentation]. S-STEM Scholars Meeting, Washington, D.C.


Johnson, C. (2023, April). Red Blood Cell Trapping in the Kidney Vasculature Promotes Mitochondrial Dysfunction Independent of Ischemia Time. Presentation at American Physiology Summit, Long Beach, CA.

Lykes, T. (2022, November 2-6). The CrossFit Culture: At the Intersection of Inclusivity and Community [Poster Presentation]. 2022 SSSS Annual Conference, Vancouver, CA, BC

Anwar, F. (2023, March 31). Revealing Novel Signaling Pathways Affected in Glomeruli during Salt-Sensitive Hypertension. Poster presented at the Southern Regional Honors Council, Charlotte, NC.

Jehu, D., Dutta, S., & Patel, C. (2022, August 3rd). The Influence of the Otago Exercise Program on Executive Function Among Older Adults Living with Mild to Moderate Dementia: A Randomized Controlled Trial Protocol. [Poster session]. CURS Summer Scholars Program, Augusta, GA, United States.

Aikhionbare, K., & Rajpurohit, S. (2023, March 30-April 1). Development of the CNS Microglia Transgenic Transparent Zebrafish Strain [Medical Science Oral Presentation]. South Regional Honors Council Conference, Charlotte, NC, United States.

Jordan, T., & Langridge, P. (2022, March 30). Measurement of Force Sensitivity of Signaling Transmembrane Proteins via Drosophila Platform. Paper presented at the Student Research and Fine Arts Conference, Augusta University, Augusta, GA.

Parviainen, A., & Mori, S. (2023, March 30-April 1). Exploring the Specificity of HphB and ArAT in a Homologation Pathway [Conference presentation]. Southern Regional Honors Conference, Charlotte, NC, United States.

Ramos, H. (2022, March 30). Development of Tadalafil Analogs as Selective PDE5 Inhibitors [Poster Presentation]. Student Research and Fine Arts Conference, Augusta, GA, United States.

Sanadiki, Z., Baranovskaya, I., Alexander, S., Fomin, M., & Mamenko, M. (2023, March 31-April 1). Calcium Signaling as a Critical Determinant of Water Transport in the Collecting Duct Cells [Poster Presentation]. The Southern Regional Honors Council Annual Conference, Charlotte, NC, United States of America.

Herrington, A. M., Teklu, A., & Miller, L. (2022, March 4-5). Effects of bupropion and citalopram on pain-related depression of nestlet shredding in male and female mice [Poster]. The Georgia Collegiate Honors Conference, ABAC Tifton, GA.

Momin, S., & Muntean, B. (2023, March 29). Effects of KCTD17 in G-protein Coupled Receptor Signaling [Conference presentation]. Undergraduate Research and Fine Arts Conference, Augusta, GA, United States.

Hilson, M., Jamil, J., & St. Louis, A. T. (2022). Mentor science identifies and their influence on student relationships with science: A qualitative exploration of the iBEARS program. Paper presented at the 2022 Summer Scholars Research Symposium, Augusta, GA.

Ramos, H. (2023, March 29). Development of Non-Systemic Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors For The Treatment Of Gastrointestinal Diseases [4x4 Presentation]. Undergraduate Research and Fine Arts Conference, Augusta, GA, United States.

Medcalfe, S. K., & Miralles Miro, E. (2022). Sustainable Practices and Financial Performance in Fashion Firms. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 26(1), 141-158.

Moore, J. (2023, March 29). Design and Synthesis of Potential Antiviral Drug Candidates. Augusta University Undergraduate Research and Fine Arts (URFA) Conference, Augusta, GA, USA.


Voorhies, C., & Kent, C. (2023, March 29). Water Level Effects on Wetland Biodiversity - North American River Otter. Poster presented at the Augusta University Undergraduate Research and Fine Arts Conference, Augusta.

Rocque, A. (2021, November 13). Design and Synthesis of Fluoroquinolone Conjugates as Potential Antimicrobial Agents. Poster presented at the Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Birmingham, AL.

Flint, A. (2023, March 26-30). Use of Rust-derived Fe2O3 Nanoparticles as Green Catalysts for N-phenyl Pyrrole Synthesis. Paper presented at the American Chemical Society National Meeting, Indianapolis, IN, United States.

Ezeanii, A. (2021). Investigating Parkinson's Disease Mechanisms using C. elegans. In Southern Regional Honors Council Conference. Retrieved from

Hendricks, K. L. (2023, March). Stability Analysis of Semi-Implicit Methods for Transport [Poster Presentation]. MAA 2023 Southeastern Section Meeting, Carolina Coastal University.


Giddens, P. (2023, February 23-25). A pilot study: accelerometer and RPE data reduction methods measuring muscle oscillation with compression garments. [Poster presentation]. 2023 SEACSM Conference, Greenville, SC, United States.

Lee, D., Medcalfe, S. K., & Slade, C. P. (2020). Racial Segregation as a Social Determinant of Health: Evidence from the State of Georgia. Journal of the Georgia Public Health Association, 8(1), 32-40.

Bangiyev, S. (2023, February 10-11). Go Green or Go Home: Replacement of o-xylene with avocado oil as the solvent system in a Diels-Alder reaction [Conference Presentation]. Georgia Collegiate Honors Council, Clayton, GA, United States.


Floyd, K. (2023, February 10-11). The Effects of Urbanization on Euchee Creek Macroinvertebrate Populations. Paper presented at The Georgia Collegiate Honors Council Conference, Clayton State University, Morrow, GA.

Boothe, K., Dong, G., Kogan, S., & McCluskey, L. P. (2019, March 29). Inflammatory responses to chorda tympani nerve sectioning in Tnfr1 Knockout mice and their role in taste bud degeneration. [Conference Presentation]. URFA Conference, Augusta, GA, United States.

Klosson, K. (2023, February 9-11). The Student’s Choice: An analysis of student consultation preference [Conference Presentation]. SWCA 2023 Conference, Memphis, TN, United States.