Sociology is the scientific study of society and human behavior. We examine how our social structure—that is the organization of our society and factors such as race and gender—operate to influence group behavior and individual choices.

Sociologists highlight the importance of problem solving and using reliable data in decision making so our students at Augusta University gain desirable skills including data analyses, statistical reasoning and empathetic understanding. Students can complete a sociology major online or face-to-face or by taking a combination at Augusta University.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology enables students to learn sociological concepts and theories that help them analyze and understand basic social structures and relations between people, groups, organizations and societies.

Students will practice critical thinking and communication skills that prepare them for graduate study and a wide range of careers such as Nonprofit Professional, Government Professional, Research Associate, Teacher, Professor and Researcher, Legal Professional, Media Planner and Private Sector Professional.

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Sociology Faculty

photo of Dr. Dustin Avent-Holt

Dr. Dustin Avent-Holt

  • Social Sciences
photo of Dr. Melissa Bemiller

Dr. Melissa Bemiller

  • Social Sciences
photo of Robbie Bruce

Robbie Bruce

  • Social Sciences
photo of Dr. Elizabeth Culatta

Dr. Elizabeth Culatta

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photo of Dr. Kim Davies

Dr. Kim Davies

  • Social Sciences
photo of Dr. Allison Foley

Dr. Allison Foley

  • Social Sciences
photo of Dr. Dave Hunt

Dr. Dave Hunt

  • Social Sciences
photo of Dr. Melissa Powell-Williams

Dr. Melissa Powell-Williams

  • Social Sciences
photo of Dr. Todd Powell-Williams

Dr. Todd Powell-Williams

  • Social Sciences
photo of Lisa Smoot

Lisa Smoot

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