Does the College of Nursing offer tours?

Yes, the College of Nursing offers tours and information sessions on the Augusta-Health Sciences and the Athens (CONAT) campuses.

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I am a high school senior. What Nursing program is available to me as a college Freshman?

You may apply to Augusta University as a Pre-Nursing concentration to attend as a Freshman. Typically, Students will later apply for acceptance into the BSN major sometime in their Sophomore year.

New freshman applicants may also apply for the Nursing Scholars Program. Nursing Scholars maintaining certain GPA and standardized test score requirements will be guaranteed entry into the BSN major the fall of their Junior year. 

Nursing Scholars Program

Who can apply to the BSN Major?

Pre-Nursing students may not become BSN Majors until they finish their prerequisite core courses. Augusta University Pre-Nursing students will complete the application for acceptance to the BSN Major during their Sophomore year in anticipation of entering Fall Semester junior year. Those who complete prerequisite courses at another accredited college or university may also apply for admission the BSN Major as a transfer student. For questions about classes transferring, please check the Transfer Equivalency Guide.

Students must be minimum of age 18 at the time of matriculation (by the first class day) into the BSN program.

How do I apply?

The application is completed on NursingCAS. This application is for current Pre-Nursing students and Junior year transfer students. Steps for NursingCAS application completion.

How much does BSN application cost?

The Application Fee for the NursingCAS Application is $60. All applicants who are NOT currently enrolled degree-seeking students at Augusta University will also need to complete an Augusta University supplemental application and pay an additional $25.

Does NursingCAS offer a fee application waiver?

NursingCAS has application fee waivers for qualified applicants demonstrating financial need or have participated in an eligible service-based organization. Visit the NursingCAS Application Fees and Fee Waivers website for more information and to apply.

When is the BSN application deadline?

Fall 2024 entry - March 15, 2024

Early application submission is strongly encouraged. Documents received after the deadline will be considered only on a space-available basis.

What is the GPA requirement?

The minimum GPA requirement is a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

What does a complete application include?

  • the application including 2 essay questions
  • application fee
  • two references
  • ATI TEAS test score(s) required - Total score must be a minimum score of 75 or higher. TEAS Score will not be averaged. Official scores submitted directly to Augusta University.
  • all former and current college transcripts submitted to NursingCAS,
  • Augusta University supplemental application and fee after NursingCAS application is completed (transfer students only)
  • TOEFL scores (international applicants only)

Fall 2024 applicants are highly encouraged to submit a complete application and submit all supporting documents as soon as possible. The BSN Program reserves the right to begin accepting competitive applicants before the published application deadline.

Current applicants with courses in progress Fall 2023 must submit the college transcript to NursingCAS at point of application and when the fall semester grades are posted. Early applicants with NursingCAS Verified status will use the Academic Update process to update GPA after Fall 2023 transcripts are available. 

I am applying for Fall 2024 admission to the BSN program. Will there be any changes to the application that I need to know about?

Yes. The GPA requirement is a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Math/Science GPA requirement is 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

There are now two shorter essay questions on the application.

Is there a minimum age requirement to apply to or to begin the BSN program?

Yes. Accepted applicants must be a minimum of age 18 on the first day of class. BSN program begins after completion of pre-nursing college prerequisites.

Does everything have to be submitted at the same time that I submit my NursingCAS application?

No, the transcripts, TEAS scores, and 2 references can be sent after you apply as long as they arrive well before the deadline. NursingCAS takes several weeks to process received transcripts during the peak months of December and January. It is highly recommended that you complete the application no later than 5 weeks before the deadline. It is your responsibility to regularly check the status of your application with NursingCAS. Early submission before the published deadline is strongly encouraged.

When will the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program admit students?

The BSN program admits a new cohort beginning in the fall semester only. However, new students can be admitted Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters to complete pre-nursing core prerequisites.

How do I check my application status?

You can check your Augusta University application status here.

You can check your NursingCAS application status here.

How many students will be admitted for BSN program?

That differs each year, and depends on resource availability (i.e.: clinical placements, faculty, etc.).

Recent Athens campus cohorts contained 55-57 students. Recent Augusta campus cohorts contained 128-146 students.

I am taking my prerequisites at a college/university other than Augusta University. Do I have to apply to Augusta University and be accepted before applying to the nursing program?

Transfer students will apply to the nursing program through NursingCAS first, then will be directed to complete the Augusta University supplemental application. NursingCAS BSN application fee is $60. Transfer student supplemental application fee is an additional $25.

I am taking my prerequisites at Augusta University as a pre-nursing student. Do I have to apply to the nursing program?

Yes. You have to complete the NursingCAS application, submit all your college transcripts to NursingCAS and pay the $60 application fee.

How can I make sure I am on track with my courses?

Here is a pre-nursing track sheet and a course list.

I am currently An Augusta University student. Do I have to submit a copy of my official transcript(s)?

Yes. All BSN applicants must submit official transcripts to NursingCAS from Augusta University and all previously attended colleges.

Where do I send my transcript(s)?

Please send official college transcripts to NursingCAS - P.O. Box 9201, Watertown, MA 02471. Current Augusta University students and transfer applicants must send transcripts to NursingCAS. NursingCAS also lists directions on how to submit your official college transcripts electronically.

What about references/recommendations?

Recommendations from two individuals are required. Applicants must use two (2) college instructors (Teaching Assistant is accepted) OR one (1) college instructor and (1) one workplace supervisor. One (1) college athletic coach may be used.

  • Reference must have known applicant for at least three (3) months
  • Do not use family/personal friends, clergy or healthcare provider


Applicants will provide names and contact information for references in NursingCAS. Reference forms will be sent electronically to your selected individuals once your application has been submitted to NursingCAS. Please be sure to allow enough time for reference forms to be sent AND returned. Applications submitted the last week of the application deadline may not allow enough time for this process. The completed reference form submitted in NursingCAS will be forwarded to College of Nursing.

Do I have to write an essay?

Yes, there are two essay questions on the application. Your responses should reflect your own writing ability. It will be evaluated for answering both questions thoroughly and completely, with logical flow of thought, language and style, grammar and spelling, and adhering to the 300 word limit for each essay. The essay is a component of the NursingCAS application for admission. The questions are:

  • What is a pressing health care concern and how do you envision the nursing profession, or you personally, playing a role in improving the public's health?
  • Explain the academic challenges, obstacles, or successes, in your life that impacted your ability to achieve your goals.

What is the ATI TEAS for nursing and where do I take it?

The ATI TEAS, the Test of Essential Academic Skills, is administered through ATI Testing. Click on "register for TEAS" and follow the directions to set up a username and password. TEAS is offered several times per year at the Testing Center in Galloway Hall on the Summerville Campus of Augusta University. We will also accept TEAS taken at other colleges or official testing centers.

Where do I send my ATI TEAS for Nursing score?

If TEAS is taken at the Augusta University testing center in Augusta, scores will automatically be sent to the Office of Academic Admissions and the BSN Program Manager within 7 days of test date. If you take TEAS at other college/testing center, please go to ATI Testing, Inc website and order your scores to be sent to Augusta University-Augusta.

ATI Testing, Inc charges a fee to send official score reports.

When do I take ATI TEAS?

Traditional sophomores: Plan to take TEAS after completing the Human Anatomy and Physiology course in college. If you are taking A&P I the semester you apply for BSN, try to take TEAS after mid-term.

How old can my ATI TEAS score be when I apply?

ATI TEAS for Nursing must be taken within 2 years of the current NursingCAS application cycle. For 2024 applicants ATI TEAS for Nursing must have been taken between August 1, 2021 and February 15, 2024.

Is there a required ATI TEAS for Nursing score?

The total score must be at or above 75.0 to apply. Augusta University does not round TEAS scores. Refer to the ATI website for scoring norms. 

May I submit my ATI TEAS score on the NursingCAS application?

The Office of Academic Admissions must receive it directly from ATI Testing Inc. or the Augusta University testing center. If you wish, you may type your scores in the standardized test area of NursingCAS but these scores will be unofficial.

Do I have to submit my SAT or ACT scores for BSN application?

No, these are not required for the junior transfer student or current Pre-Nursing majors that are applying to the BSN program. If you are a high school senior, see the Academic Admissions page for Freshman Admissions Requirements.

Do all prerequisite courses have to be completed at the time of application?

No. You may still have courses in progress when you apply. However, 30 credits of core must be completed and you must have 3 of 8 courses from combined prerequisite core areas D and F completed at the time of application. All prerequisites must be complete and passed with a "C" or higher before you may begin the BSN Major upper division curriculum.

FALL 2024 ENTRY - A preference will be given for applicants with core complete by the end of Spring 2024 semester. Applicants competing core courses during Summer term may apply and be considered on a case-by-case basis. See catalog for BSN core curriculum prerequisites. Applicants must also complete before entering the BSN Program: all US & GA History and American Government requirements and the wellness requirements. Exemption to wellness exits only for those 2nd degree applicants or those transferring in 60 or more core semester hours.

Do I have to meet the legislative requirements for graduation?

Yes. You must fulfill these requirements in US and GA History and US and GA Constitution prior to starting the BSN curriculum.

I attended another nursing program, but am no longer enrolled. Am I still allowed to apply?

You may apply under certain conditions and must submit a letter from the dean/director of your former program. If you earned less than a "C" in two or more nursing courses, you will not be considered for admission. Any student transferring to Augusta University from another nursing program will not be given transfer credit for prior nursing courses, only up to 60 hours of core curriculum.

The immunization requirements are different than those at the school I'm currently attending. What should I do?

Visit Student Health Services. Do not send/upload immunization information to Student Health Services until after you have received your acceptance letter. Please allow sufficient time for processing and uploading documents. The PPD (or TB skin test) should be taken within 90 days of the first day of the BSN program semester.

What is a PPD?

PPD is a type of Tuberculosis Testing placed on the skin.

When should I submit my annual TB test?

The PPD (or TB skin test) should be taken within 90 days of the first day of the BSN program semester. This requirement will be repeated each year you are enrolled.

Are new BSN required to get the Flu Shot?

A new Flu Vaccine is required for each year's flu season. Deadline to obtain vaccine is typically October but can be earlier based upon where students are placed for clinical. This requirement will be repeated each year you are enrolled.

Do I have to do a criminal background check? What about a urine drug screen?

IF admitted to the nursing program, you will be required to complete a criminal background check and submit a urine sample for a 12-panel drug screen. The background check is usually done in the months of April or May. Urine drug screen is submitted sometime prior to the entry term to which you are admitted.

Augusta University faculty and staff do not receive results, and this information will be accessed by the Dean of Student Affairs and our clinical partners. Any clinical partner has the right to refuse students' admittance to its site after review of results.

If faculty are unable to place you, you will be unable to complete clinical requirements; therefore, dismissed from the program. You will be provided with additional information after signing your contract and submitting your deposit. The cost of the background check and drug screen will be incurred by the student.

I am a transfer student. How do I know if my courses from another college will be accepted in the Augusta University BSN core?

If you are accepted into the BSN program, a transfer evaluation will be sent to you that lists the courses that Augusta University will take as transfer credits. If you wish to map out your core before you apply to Augusta University, please check the Transfer Equivalency Guide to see if your college course has a direct Augusta University catalog equivalent.

What do I do if the transfer course is not listed on the Augusta University Transfer Equivalency Guide?

The guide only lists the courses evaluated by past applicants so it will not have all courses from other colleges listed on the guide. If coming from a college where not many courses have been previously evaluated, you will want to apply as a pre-nursing student well in advance so these transcripts may be evaluated. Email if you have additional questions.

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