eventThe Office of Event Medicine coordinates and manages the activities that provide medical support to large gatherings and events, particularly highly visible sporting events, visits by prominent dignitaries and executives, and other events, that due to their nature, may be predisposed to significant injuries or mass casualties.

Event Medicine brings together specialists from the fields of Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pharmacology, Pediatrics and naturally, Emergency Medicine. Emergency Medicine physicians, nurses, paramedics and EMTs staff first aid stations, provide on-scene medical care, rescue services and augment transportation services for ill or injured persons. Event medicine is a distinctive and integral part of the residency program. Residents learn how to care for patients outside the emergency department in unconventional treatment settings.

We offer numerous opportunities to participate in events throughout the area, including:

  • Augusta Southern National Boat Races
  • Boshears Air Show
  • Steeplechase

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