Health Sciences Campus

CODE Building Name Building Coordinator
AA Kelly Administration Building Priscilla Wynn
AB Robert B. Greenblatt Library David Young
AE Pavilion I Justin Pantano
AF Pavilion II Amy Shultz
AP Building Connector (over Laney-Walker) Emily Crider; Justin Pantano
BC Lansing B. Lee Sr. Auditoria Center Arijana Reese
BF Murphey Building George Inman, Debra Wright,
Levi Trusty (Lab Animal Services)
BG Dugas Building Lindsay Chandler
Levi Trusty (Lab Animal Services)
BH Central Energy Plant Jamey Holloway
CA Interdisciplinary Research Facility April Paschal; Nick Shaurette
Levi Trusty (Lab Animal Services - CA2, 1st Floor)
Ariel Miller; Chris McKinney; Stefanie Frickey (Life Sciences - CA2, 2nd Floor)
Cathy Davidson; Shane Harper (Physiology - CA1 & CA2)
Debbie Ellison (Center for Biotech Med.- CA2, 4th Floor
CB Sanders Research and Education Building Cindy Tuttle; Shawn Parham; Shannon Black
Cathy Davidson; Shane Harper (Physiology)
Nick Shaurette
Asia Lindsey; Levi Trusty (Lab Animal Services)
CI Environmental Health & Safety Building Sammy Navarre
CJ Pavilion III Emily Crider
Nick Shaurette
CL Hamilton Wing Michelle Burnside; Shawn Parham (Oral Biology -2nd & 3rd Floor)
Cindy Tuttle (Vascular Biology Center -3rd Floor)
Levi Trusty (Lab Animal Services)
CM South Energy Plant Jamey Holloway
CN Cancer Research Center Chris Middleton; Barbara Anderson; Luis Lopez
Reginald Scott
Levi Trusty (Lab Animal Services)
Debbie Ellison; Michael Nakama; Rebecca Pinkerton (IMMCG - 1st, 2nd, 2116 Suite, 3rd, & 4th Floors)
CP Goss Lane Deck Scott Davis; Dale Hartenburg
CS Material Safety Storage Facility Sammy Navarre
CT Dent Blvd. Deck Scott Davis; Dale Hartenburg
DA Student Center / Campus Recreation Center Patsy Davis; Karl Munschy
EB Jennings Building Raymond Chong (1st Floor; 2nd Floor – CAHS and Interdisciplinary Dept.)
Angela Scott (1st and 2nd Floor Interdisciplinary Dept.)
Jacqueline Hogue (2nd Floor - Nursing)
EC Health Sciences Building Jan Bane; Leslie Bell
EF Walter L. Shepeard Building Amanda Behr (EF 216, EF 217)
Niren Patel (Sickle Cell)
FE Employee/Faculty Assistance Program Susan Atterton
FF Clinical Trials Office Sharon Willing
FH Dermatology Offices Justin Pantano
FK Moore Building Karen Dantzler
GB Education Commons Building Tracey Barton; Andria Thomas
Shawn Parham (Dental College spaces, staff, student badge access (not keys))
GC College of Dental Medicine Building Shawn Parham
Charles Busbee (GC IT closets)
GE College of Science and Math Building Owen Angleton
HB Faculty Office Building Justin Pantano
Pamela Whitehead; Annamalai Ramanathan; (2nd, 3rd, and 4th Floors - keys only for Dept. of Family Medicine)
HB Subway Karl Munschy
HF Marks Building Kerry Cartledge
HH Community Medicine Offices Chris Middleton; Barbara Anderson; Reginald Scott
HM UGA Pharmacy Ronald Jones; Katherine Hardwick
HP Physical Plant Shops Building Nora Rader
HS Annex I Building Lisa Bunch (Basement)
Penny Benton (Human Resources -1st Floor)
Kaitlyn Eubanks (Patient Accounts – 1st Floor)
Sarah Evans; Charity Curry (IT -2nd Floor)
Kimberly Templeton (3rd Floor)
Jeff Thomas (GPI)
Lauren Neville (AUMA)
HT Annex II Building
- University Police Department
- Print/Copy Services
Jeff Thomas (HT 1200)
Roxie Bush
Steve Nunn
OB AU Animal Care - Gracewood Tyler Hockman; Levi Trusty;
John Cratic (Lab Animal Services)
OC Child Care Center Nora Rader
OHUB AU Literacy Center Elizabeth VanDeusen
OU College of Nursing - Athens Stephen Gilliam
PA Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home Julia Eveker
RA Physical Plant Offices Charlene Johnson
RB Physical Plant / Grounds Maintenance Scott Davis
RC Physical Plant / Grounds Storage Scott Davis
RD Physical Plant Warehouse Scott Davis
RE Lee Warehouse – Clay Street Dina Wright
RVI Hull McKnight Building Alicia Stewart; Dawn Fulmer
RV2 Shaffer MacCartney Building Alicia Stewart; Dawn Fulmer
RVP1 Riverfront Parking Deck Alicia Stewart; Amber Wade

Summerville Campus

CODE Building Name Building Coordinator Phone
AH Allgood Hall Brittany Addison 706-737-1593
AMPH Amphitheatre Brittany Addison 706-737-1593
ARCH Archaeology Lab Jennifer Trunzo 706-737-1709
BWC Boykin Wright Cottage Gia Johnson 706-729-2063
STOR Baseball Storage Brittany Addison 706-737-1593
BELL Bellevue Hall Jessica Cooley 706-737-1411
FIRE Bellevue Hall Annex Ivey Holmes 706-667-4374
BENET Benet House Ivey Holmes 706-667-4374
BWH Boykin Wright Hall Sherry Walker 706-721-4014
COS Central Services Warehouse Thad Sands 706-729-2165
COS COS Facilities Storage Brittany Addison 706-737-1593
CE Central Energy Plant (CUP/Physical Plant) Brittany Addison 706-737-1593
CHAT Chateau Brittany Addison 706-737-1593
CRSC Ceramics/Sculpture Brian McGrath 706-667-4888
CRSC Physics Innovation Facility Tom Crute 706-737-1541
CFST CFH Storage Scott Davis 706-721-3661
CFH CFH Jason Gribek 706-667-4950
GRNDS Grounds Warehouse Brittany Addison
Alt: Scott Davis
ROTC Faculty Art Studios Jason Gribek 706-667-4950
FHALL Fanning Hall Judi Schweitzer 706-729-2415
FAC Fine Arts Center Angela Morgan
Alt: Margie Russ
GH Galloway Hall Felicia Johnson
Alt: Rebecca Berger
NGH Greenhouse Brenda Brunk 706-737-1539
GUH Guard House Museum Stacey Thompson 706-667-4461
PERS Old Human Resources (Alumni Affairs or SCCS Annex) Brittany Addison 706-737-1593
SAC JSAC (Jaguar Student Activities Center) LaSherrica Christian 706-729-2382
LC Literacy Center Scott Davis 706-721-3661
MS Maintenance Shop Brittany Addison
Alt: Scott Davis
MAX Maxwell Alumni House Lindsey Yonce 706-737-1451
PH Payne Hall Jason Gribek 706-667-4950
PAT Performing Arts Theatre (PAT) Patricia Sikes
Alt: Kelly Thomas
PSS Public Safety Building (CEPaR) Joe Webber 706-667-4251
QDW Quad Wall Building Khadisha Sylvester 706-729-2083
CETC Radio Station/CETC Brittany Addison 706-737-1593
RAINS Rains Hall Leza Witherington 706-446-1430
LIBR Reese Library Bettina Askew 706-737-1745
RCYL ROTC Warehouse James Richey
Alt: Matthew Miller
RCYL Biology Storage Brenda Brunk 706-737-1539
RCYL Art Storage Brian McGrath 706-667-4888
RCYL EVS Storage Thad Sands 706-729-2165
SCI Science Hall Jason Gribek 706-667-4950
SCI Science Hall-Animal Facility Asia Lindsey
Brittany Blair
Levi Trusty
STUD Quad Studio (Studio
B/Purchasing Office)
Leza Witherington 706-446-1430
UH University Hall Brittany Addison 706-737-1593
UV University Village (Housing) Dr. Michael Reagle 706-446-5130
WH Washington Hall Jason Gribek 706-667-4950

If there is a mechanical/maintenance emergency in any building, please contact the Work Management Center at 706-721-2434.

Supplemental Building Coordinator Contact List

This list is for building contacts for system shutdowns (e.g., HVAC, power, etc.) that may have a more global campus impact and/or affect network/communication infrastructures..

All Buildings
Critical Event and Preparedness Response (
Derek Thornton (keys only for all Environmental Services areas)

Kelly Administration (AA) Building
Priscilla Wynn
Maggie Witherington
Jackie Stephens

Information Technology
 Charles Busbee

Biomedical Technology Transfer (CA2 – 2nd Floor)
Christopher McKinney
Michael Moore
Stefanie Frickey

Security and University Police Systems (including Cardkey)
Roxie Bush
James Lyon

Fire Alarm and Fire Protection Systems
Gregg Stokes
Wade Johnson (

Auxiliary Services Vending and Student Center Cafeteria
Karl Munschy

Laboratory Animal Services
Levi Trusty (BF, CA, CB, CL, CN, BG, OB)
Asia Lindsey (CB)
Tyler Hockman (OB)
John Cratic (OB)

Campus shutdowns affecting AUMC Facilities (AD, AM, AN, BA, BB, BI, BK, BL, BN, BP, BT, EG, HK)
Chris Miller

Campus shutdowns affecting Student Housing facilities
DJ – Oak Hall - 830 Spellman St.
DK – Elm Hall - 840 Spellman St.
Contacts: Dale Hartenburg