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Medical illustration pieces created by students in the program

The Medical Illustration Graduate Program within the College of Allied Health Sciences at Augusta University is one of only four such programs in the country.

Completion of the twenty-one-month curriculum in Medical Illustration results in a Master of Science in Medical Illustration (MSMI) degree granted through The Graduate School. Augusta University is part of the University System of Georgia. 

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College of Allied Health- Medical Illustration

Health Sciences Campus

Pavilion III

Suite 1101

1474 Laney-Walker Blvd.
Augusta, GA 30912


About the Program

The program emphasizes anatomical and surgical illustration for print and electronic publication, as well as for projection and broadcast distribution. Because of the importance of good drawing skills, our students learn a variety of traditional illustration techniques during the first year. Computer technologies and digital techniques used to prepare both vector and raster images for print, projection, animation, and multimedia are also extensively integrated into the curriculum. In addition to being skilled artists, medical illustrators must be knowledgeable in anatomy and the health sciences. Our students study communication theory and illustration techniques, and take graduate-level science courses, such as gross anatomy and cell biology, in the medical school.

During the second year, students refine their illustration skills and are introduced to the various media, rendering styles and illustration techniques used by contemporary professional medical illustrators. They also learn professional production techniques for interactive communication media. In addition, they spend time each week in the operating room observing and sketching. Assignments are based on their observations, and are developed with the guidance of our internationally renowned faculty.

Visual problem-solving is a crucial skill for the professional medical illustrator. Throughout the curriculum, the faculty work with the students to develop their problem-solving abilities. In addition to formal classes, seminars and lectures, our students learn by hands-on performance, by participating in project critiques, and by cultivating creative thinking in peer-to-peer interactions. To better prepare our students to be productive in the rapidly evolving world of communications, class assignments are designed to give them not only theoretical knowledge but practical experience as well.

Admissions Deadline

January 10, 2023

Medical Illustration

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