Who is the AAMI Student?

An AAMI student is any first year student pursuing a Bachelor Degree who applies and actively participates in program. All students are invited to attend AAMI event.  

Student-Type Exclusions:

  • Dual Enrollment
  • Post-Baccalaureate

Transient/visiting students may attend any AAMI events. However, due to their temporary status on a campus they will not be included when calculating GPA, Retention Rate, Graduation Rate, and Number of Degrees Conferred. A transient/visiting student is defined as a student who is enrolled in one college or university (either in state or out of state), but take a course at another college or university.

What AAMI Is Not

The USG’s African-American Male Initiative is not a Registered Student Organization (RSO), fraternity, club, or a program that restricts participation based on:

  • Identity
  • GPA,
  • Full or part-time status, or
  • Type of degree pursued, e.g. Bachelor or Associate.


Funds allocated to AAMI are from the State and may not be used to fund/support/sponsor SAAB-B2B activities or that of any other RSO. Funds specifically allocated to AAMI from the competitive funding process (including state or institutional monies) are for AAMI programs only. Membership in one organization is not a prerequisite for membership in the other. AAMI students may participate in SAAB activities and SAAB members (who are not in AAMI) may participate in public activities sponsored by AAMI.

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African American Male Initiative

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Jaguar Student Activities Center

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